The Journey Of A Conflict Free Diamond

The Journey Of A Conflict Free Diamond

In the recent past a particular awareness has arisen for the importance of properly sourcing gems both in and outside of the jewelry industry, to completely ensure that the jewellery you wear is never associated with anything other than the memories you make with it. At Shining Diamonds, we are proud of our ethical approach to obtaining our products and always make sure to secure our stones from conflict free suppliers and mines.

The history of conflict free diamonds

In 2002 the United Nations adopted the Kimberley Process as a means to ensure that all diamonds sold within the UN come from reputable sources. This system tracks diamonds from the mine to the market and regulates the policing surrounding the export, manufacture and sale of the products. It works with the United Nations, individual governments and outside organizations to keep tainted diamonds from the market.



The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme details the regulations that countries must follow to make sure a diamond is shipped in a legitimate way. These diamonds are then shipped with a Kimberley Process certificate, which your jeweler should be able to provide when you buy a diamond. What this ensures is that those diamonds whose sale could be used to profit factions in broken countries are unable to make their way to be the location in which they could be sold.

Ethics surrounding diamond sourcing

Diamonds are sourced in massive volumes in many locations around the world including Australia, Africa, Russia and Canada. Despite what you may think, diamonds are actually the source of much good in many African nations, employing locals and providing healthcare to thousands.

Unfortunately, the diamonds popularity around the world has been used against it in the past for reasons which have negatively impacted on various countries and many people. At Shining Diamonds, we would never promote the manufacture of any item which has been used for a negative intent and are proud to say that we are strongly against the sale of blood diamonds.



Blood diamonds are those diamonds which have been mined in war torn countries and sold to finance the ongoing problems in the country, generally funding the costs associated with war. Obviously the sale of these diamonds is something to be avoided, in order to not profit those organisations that are often the source of the problem.

Our diamonds

At Shining Diamonds, we support the movement to stop blood diamonds and their use throughout the world. We take particular care to ensure we never use a tainted diamond and the team at our main sourcing office in Mumbai, India, make sure our gems only come from conflict free suppliers. We also promote the use and sale of Fairtrade Gold, which ensures that gold miners receive fair pay. If you would like to learn more about this please click here to read about our ethics.



Conflict free diamonds is one of our key selling features as well as the life time guarantee we award all our jewellery, our 30 day returns policy and our proud Made In Britain certification. We are able to provide a certificate for each of our diamonds and enjoy the opportunity to talk about the history of our individual gems. Our diamonds have documentation all the way from the mine to the jeweller to prove that they have been properly sourced and we believe this is the minimum that a jeweller should provide to their customers.

Shining Diamonds is proud to say that our diamonds are conflict free. If you require any further information please feel free to call us on +44 (0) 207 404 7305 and we’ll be happy to talk to you.