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The key aspect of any wedding proposal is an engagement ring from one person to another. Traditionally featuring beautiful gemstones or diamonds, engagement rings represent a formal agreement to future marriage. They are predominantly worn on the fourth finger on the left hand, though traditions are known to vary around the world.

The gift of an engagement ring is among the most luxurious of romantic gestures and like all pieces of jewellery, prices vary depending on the cut, clarity, carat and colour.

If you are wondering where to buy a diamond ring, we at Shining Diamonds offer diamond engagement rings in a variety of cuts and colours, including the classic Solitaire and timeless Halo, as well as bespoke diamond engagement ring designs should you be looking for something truly unique.

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Our beautiful collection will ensure you find the diamond ring that is perfect for you: from classic and timeless Rings with Side Stones, to a trendy Vintage style.

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How can I find the best engagement ring for me or my partner?

Before you buy an engagement ring, there are a few important factors you should consider. As well as the four C's - cut, clarity, carat and colour, it might be your partner's personal style, job, ring size or lifestyle choice which may affect the style of ring you choose. Remember, if your partner has to remove their engagement ring for work, sports or hobbies, this may also have an impact on which style of ring is best for them.

Then there's the metal and setting of the ring to remember. Choose from our wide selection of platinum, white gold, yellow gold or rose gold bands, with styles and shapes ranging from halo to princess cut and pear. There really is something to suit every finger. For a little help choosing the perfect style for you, view our selection of rings online and in store. We can also deliver a sample straight to your door, our delivery services covers all of the UK with an established reputation for diamond engagement rings across Cardiff, Manchester and Glasgow.

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Can I finance an engagement ring?

We have many finance option available for you to finance an engagement ring. With our finance plans you are able to repay for your engagement ring in monthly installments. Shining Diamonds offer various finance options with a 0% interest fee, these range from 6 month, 12 month, 18 month and more with varying interest rates. Find out more about our finance options here.