Pear Shape Diamond Bracelets

The pear cut diamond was created by Flemish polisher Lodewyk van Berquem. The pear shaped diamond features a wide, rounded bottom and pointed top, and has the similar shape to a teardrop. Pear cut diamonds usually have 58 facets, and look incredible as diamond drop earrings. When you buy a pear-cut diamond bracelet from Shining Diamonds, you can choose your carat weight and metal, which means you can create your own unique piece of jewellery

Add a beautiful pear cut single row diamond tennis bracelet to your wrist, and pair it with a matching diamond solitaire pendant. If you want to stray away from tradition, then a gemstone bracelet with pear cut sapphires will add a splash of colour and sparkle. A pair cut diamond bracelet makes the perfect gift for either a family member or the love of your life. You’ll be sure to someone’s breath away with a gleaming bracelet.

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