Platinum Diamond Pendants

Platinum is an incredibly rare precious silver-ish white metal. It is remarkably resistant to corrosion and high temperatures, and is classed as a noble metal. Platinum was first discovered by the Spanish in South Africa during the 16th century. Platinum is an incredibly popular metal used in jewellery, due to its resistance and durability.

The beautiful silver shine of this metal enhances the sparkle and facets in a variety of brilliant cut diamonds, and is a very popular choice for eternity rings. A platinum diamond pendant is a truly spectacular gift, and a must have item in your jewellery box. Add some shine to your neckline with a beautiful platinum solitaire diamond pendant and matching diamond stud earrings, or opt for something different such as a platinum initial pendant or cross pendant. Platinum is a sophisticated and timeless metal that compliments a variety of diamonds and gemstone pendants.

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