Princess Cut Diamond Bracelets

A princess cut diamond features a square shape with very sharp corners, and has between 49 - 58 facets. One of the most popular diamond shapes in the world, you’ll see the princess cut diamond most commonly used in diamond engagement rings! The princess cut diamond used to be known as the ‘Barion cut diamond’, and was invented Basil Watermeyer.

When you buy a princess-cut diamond bracelet from Shining Diamonds, you’ll have control over the carat weight and metal, giving you the ability to create a unique piece of jewellery for your collection. There is nothing more spectacular than a single row diamond tennis bracelet with a matching diamond pendant. Sophisticated and classic, a diamond bracelet is subtle but will add elegance and beauty to any outfit. If you want something that strays away from tradition then a round cut three row diamond tennis bracelet or diamond bangle with gemstones is truly eye catching. A princess cut diamond bracelet makes the perfect gift and is sure to take someone’s breath away.

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