Men's Patterned Wedding Rings

Our collection of patterned wedding rings offer unique styles with different finishing touches. Here at Shining Diamonds, We want to help you choose the perfect finish for your wedding bands ranging from our popular matt finish to traditional hammered finish.

Men’s Patterned wedding rings come in variety of widths and finishing patterns. Our Narrow bands can make for a subtle choice, while medium and wide range bands offer a more noticeable look. All of our plain metal bands can be tailored to match ring size and add a touch of finishing pattern to make it unique.


  • Pattern F01
    Pattern F01
  • Pattern F02
    Pattern F02
  • Pattern F03
    Pattern F03
  • Pattern F04
    Pattern F04
  • Pattern F05
    Pattern F05
  • Pattern F06
    Pattern F06
  • Pattern F07
    Pattern F07
  • Pattern F08
    Pattern F08
  • Pattern F09
    Pattern F09
  • Pattern F10
    Pattern F10
  • Pattern F11
    Pattern F11
  • Pattern F12
    Pattern F12
  • Pattern F13
    Pattern F13
  • Pattern F14
    Pattern F14
  • Pattern F15
    Pattern F15
  • Pattern F16
    Pattern F16
  • Pattern F17
    Pattern F17
  • Pattern F18
    Pattern F18
  • Pattern F19
    Pattern F19
  • Pattern F20
    Pattern F20
  • Pattern F21
    Pattern F21
  • Pattern F22
    Pattern F22
  • Pattern F23
    Pattern F23
  • Pattern F24
    Pattern F24
  • Pattern F25
    Pattern F25
  • Pattern F26
    Pattern F26
  • Pattern F27
    Pattern F27
  • Pattern F28
    Pattern F28
  • Pattern F33
    Pattern F33
  • Pattern F34
    Pattern F34
  • Pattern F35
    Pattern F35
  • Pattern F37
    Pattern F37
  • Pattern F38
    Pattern F38
  • Pattern F39
    Pattern F39
  • Pattern F40
    Pattern F40
  • Pattern F41
    Pattern F41
  • Pattern F42
    Pattern F42
  • Pattern F43
    Pattern F43
  • Pattern F44
    Pattern F44
  • Pattern F45
    Pattern F45
  • Pattern F46
    Pattern F46
  • Pattern F47
    Pattern F47
  • Pattern F48
    Pattern F48
  • Pattern F49
    Pattern F49
  • Pattern F50
    Pattern F50
  • Pattern F51
    Pattern F51
  • Pattern F54
    Pattern F54
  • Pattern F55
    Pattern F55
  • Pattern F56
    Pattern F56
  • Pattern F57
    Pattern F57
  • Pattern F58
    Pattern F58
  • Pattern F59
    Pattern F59
  • Pattern F60
    Pattern F60
  • Pattern F61
    Pattern F61
  • Pattern F62
    Pattern F62
  • Pattern F63
    Pattern F63
  • Pattern F64
    Pattern F64
  • Pattern F65
    Pattern F65
  • Pattern F66
    Pattern F66
  • Pattern F67
    Pattern F67
  • Pattern F68
    Pattern F68
  • Pattern F69
    Pattern F69
  • Pattern F70
    Pattern F70
  • Pattern F71
    Pattern F71
  • Pattern F72
    Pattern F72