Men's Patterned Wedding Rings

Create something truly unique that will last a lifetime, with Shining Diamonds range of Patterned Mens Wedding Rings. Nothing says “I Do” quite like a Wedding Ring to match your personality and taste, so customise and create your perfect patterned wedding ring with us today!

Our range of Patterned Mens Wedding Rings are available in a range of metals and styles; whether you’re looking to go traditional, with a Yellow Gold Band or White Gold Ring, we have a variety of rings to suit your classic style. However if you’re looking for something a little more unique, we also offer Rose Gold Rings, and a stunningly simple Platinum metal, for those looking for something a little more subtle.


  • Pattern F01
    Pattern F01
  • Pattern F02
    Pattern F02
  • Pattern F03
    Pattern F03
  • Pattern F04
    Pattern F04
  • Pattern F05
    Pattern F05
  • Pattern F06
    Pattern F06
  • Pattern F07
    Pattern F07
  • Pattern F08
    Pattern F08
  • Pattern F09
    Pattern F09
  • Pattern F10
    Pattern F10
  • Pattern F11
    Pattern F11
  • Pattern F12
    Pattern F12
  • Pattern F13
    Pattern F13
  • Pattern F14
    Pattern F14
  • Pattern F15
    Pattern F15
  • Pattern F16
    Pattern F16
  • Pattern F17
    Pattern F17
  • Pattern F18
    Pattern F18
  • Pattern F19
    Pattern F19
  • Pattern F20
    Pattern F20
  • Pattern F21
    Pattern F21
  • Pattern F22
    Pattern F22
  • Pattern F23
    Pattern F23
  • Pattern F24
    Pattern F24
  • Pattern F25
    Pattern F25
  • Pattern F26
    Pattern F26
  • Pattern F27
    Pattern F27
  • Pattern F28
    Pattern F28
  • Pattern F33
    Pattern F33
  • Pattern F34
    Pattern F34
  • Pattern F35
    Pattern F35
  • Pattern F37
    Pattern F37
  • Pattern F38
    Pattern F38
  • Pattern F39
    Pattern F39
  • Pattern F40
    Pattern F40
  • Pattern F41
    Pattern F41
  • Pattern F42
    Pattern F42
  • Pattern F43
    Pattern F43
  • Pattern F44
    Pattern F44
  • Pattern F45
    Pattern F45
  • Pattern F46
    Pattern F46
  • Pattern F47
    Pattern F47
  • Pattern F48
    Pattern F48
  • Pattern F49
    Pattern F49
  • Pattern F50
    Pattern F50
  • Pattern F51
    Pattern F51
  • Pattern F54
    Pattern F54
  • Pattern F55
    Pattern F55
  • Pattern F56
    Pattern F56
  • Pattern F57
    Pattern F57
  • Pattern F58
    Pattern F58
  • Pattern F59
    Pattern F59
  • Pattern F60
    Pattern F60
  • Pattern F61
    Pattern F61
  • Pattern F62
    Pattern F62
  • Pattern F63
    Pattern F63
  • Pattern F64
    Pattern F64
  • Pattern F65
    Pattern F65
  • Pattern F66
    Pattern F66
  • Pattern F67
    Pattern F67
  • Pattern F68
    Pattern F68
  • Pattern F69
    Pattern F69
  • Pattern F70
    Pattern F70
  • Pattern F71
    Pattern F71
  • Pattern F72
    Pattern F72