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When you buy an oval-cut diamond pendant from Shining Diamonds, you get to choose your carat, weight and metal, giving you the ability to create a unique piece of jewellery. Decorate your neckline with an stunning oval cut solitaire diamond pendant and matching bangle. Go for something a little different with a gemstone and diamond pendant - an oval cut sapphire surrounded by diamonds will demand attention and look truly spectacular. An oval diamond pendant is also the perfect gift - whether it is for a family member or the love of your life. Take someone’s breath away when you present them with a beautiful diamond pendant.

Diamonds have been cut into oval shapes for centuries, but the oval shape we see today was created by diamond cutter, Lazare Kaplan. Brilliant oval cut diamonds are an incredibly popular choice for engagement rings, and feature up to 58 sparkling facets! An oval cut diamond features rounded edges, but is not as rounded as the round cut diamond.

Oval Cut Diamond Pendants

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Oval Cut Diamond Pendants


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