Why Hatton Garden is the place to buy engagement rings

Why Hatton Garden is the place to buy engagement rings

Hatton Garden is a popular well-known London location, particularly among the jewellery industry. But what is it about Hatton Garden that makes it so iconic for jewellery, and in particular, engagement rings? 

From learning the history of this popular location to the wealth of knowledge it can offer, find out why buying an engagement ring in Hatton Garden is the most appropriate place to purchase your ring prior to the big proposal.

Hatton Garden history

Hatton Garden is renowned for being one of the best places to buy diamonds and engagement rings in the UK. But why is this hotspot so well known, and how has it established such authority and prestige? 

The Hatton Garden district was coined and made as famous as it is today by Sir Christopher Hatton – nicknamed “the dancing chancellor” – who acquired the district in 1570. Christopher and the Hatton family began building residential houses along the street (now named as Hatton Garden) – and quickly established this area as a popular residential neighbourhood. 

Although the area was known for its jewellery trade since medieval times, the district was completely transformed when residential houses were built up in the area – making it into a commercial hub for those passionate about jewellery and diamonds in the 1850s. The area attracted jewellery makers, watch and clock makers, precious stone and diamond merchants alike – all who began setting up shops and stores in Hatton Garden, allowing the district to thrive. And Hatton Garden continues to thrive to this day.

This iconic history of Hatton Garden allowed the district to build up a strong reputation that predates back years, and has been moulded into an authoritative jewellery trading area that can be wholeheartedly trusted. That’s why it’s no surprise hundreds of people flock from far and wide to explore Hatton Garden engagement rings and the array of jewellery on offer. And that’s why Hatton Garden has been established as one of the best places in the UK to buy your engagement rings.



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