60% Diamond Eternity Rings

Discover Shining Diamonds range of 60% diamond eternity rings, the perfect gift to proclaim your love for your partner. Also referred to as 3/4th diamond eternity ring, these stunning rings are the true symbol of eternal love, and are the perfect gift for a partner when you reach a special milestone, such as a decade of marriage.

Our 60% Diamond Eternity Rings feature multiple band styles, from a simple yellow gold band, to a more fanciful wave cut, featuring a white gold band. All of our eternity rings feature a choice of metals, from rose gold, yellow gold, white gold and platinum, so you can design the perfect ring for your loved one. We have rings to suit all tastes, with our 3/4th diamond eternity rings portraying a more simple bands with a range of cuts. Our Princess Cut rings are set in a simple band, with square diamonds and a range of thick and thin bands, available in a range of metals to match your partner's jewellery style. Our Round Cut rings come in a wider variety of styles, with exaggerated diamond settings and waved bands.

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