Yellow Gold Diamond Pendants

Yellow gold is a combination of gold and yellow metals such as zinc or copper. Pure gold is alloyed with other metals because it is too soft and cannot withstand everyday use, which is why jewellery is made from alloyed gold. Yellow gold is a great choice of metal when it is used in jewellery, especially when it comes to diamond tennis bracelets! This is because the yellow shine of the metal brings out the facets and sparkles in brilliant cut diamonds, such as princess or emerald shaped diamonds.

Treat yourself to a stunning yellow gold diamond pendant, or find the perfect gift for a friend. Add some sparkle to your décolleté with a yellow gold solitaire diamond pendant and matching diamond stud earrings, or go for something different and choose a white gold designer diamond pendant. White gold is an alluring and timeless metal that goes with an array of diamonds and gemstone pendants. A yellow gold pendant will become one of the most treasured items in your jewellery box.

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