What is the best metal for wedding rings?

What is the best metal for wedding rings?

When it comes to choosing the best wedding ring, it’s important to consider band shape and fit, band width and height and also wedding band metal. Whether you’re pairing up your engagement ring with your wedding band in one of our bridal sets, or you’re searching for the perfect wedding bands for men, our detailed guide has you covered. Discover the different types of wedding ring metal to choose from, as well as which is best for you based on your budget, preference and style.


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Types of wedding ring metal

A popular choice among wedding ring buyers, white gold uses pure gold alloyed with other white metals. Common white metals used to create this type of gold include silver and palladium, which are designed to produce a polish and shine which is incomparable to other wedding ring metals. They’re also plated with rhodium to give its white lustre, while also providing hypoallergenic features, which helps protect the metal. 

If you fancy something a bit flashier, diamond set wedding rings are a great way to do this – with white gold metal acting as the perfect backdrop for diamonds. This would also mean your diamond engagement ring would team up nicely with your white gold metal band.

Arguably one of the top choices for wedding rings among both women and men, the hardness and rarity of this metal makes for the perfect wedding band. With it’s naturally white sheen that never changes colour or fades, it’s clear why this type of wedding ring comes at a slightly higher price than others. Typically, platinum rings are heavy, strong and naturally hypoallergenic – making them the perfect choice to someone who has the budget to spend. 

A traditional choice, yellow gold metal for wedding rings is a mixture of pure gold, silver and copper. It’s signature yellow warmth comes from the combination of these metals, making it a popular choice for those who are on more of a budget and want something simplistic and traditional. It’s important to note that depending on the carat of metal that you choose, this can affect the colour and hardness of the ring itself. 

Otherwise known as red gold or pink gold, rose metal climbed up the ladder of popularity over the last decade – becoming a popular choice among a younger audience. Not only does this type of wedding band metal add a dose of amour to your jewellery, the rose gold metal creates a traditional yet illustrious style – making them a perfect choice for women. Similar to yellow gold, the carat you choose will determine the colour and hardness of the ring.

Best metal for men’s wedding band

In general, the most popular choice of metal for men’s wedding bands is platinum wedding bands.  This is because this type of metal is durable while holding a prestigious and sophisticated status, meaning it will last over the years – but it can be expensive. For a traditional and classy look, it’s the perfect choice for men.

A solid alternative if you’re conscious of your budget is white gold metal wedding bands. More reasonably priced, this metal is reflective and lustrous – while also providing hypoallergenic properties. Browse our full selection of wedding rings for men now.


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Wedding ring metal from Shining Diamonds

Here at Shining Diamonds, we provide a range of wedding band metals – as well as beautiful wedding rings to choose from. Shop for women’s wedding rings and men’s wedding rings from our wide selection today. Alternatively, visit our Hatton Garden showroom to view our wedding rings in person.