Diamond Eternity Rings

At Shining Diamonds, we are big believers in the luxury and romance of a diamond ring. The gift of a diamond ring is among the longest lasting and meaningful gestures one can make. With our selection of diamond eternity rings and diamond eternity bands, we hope you find the sparkling jewel that you are looking for.

Eternity rings are metal bands that traditionally include diamonds or other stones around the circumference of the entire ring. Typically, each stone has the same shape and setting, giving the ring a uniform appearance meant to suggest everlasting love. Eternity rings are becoming increasingly more and more popular, and for good reason.

An eternity ring is more than just a ring. It symbolises eternity, everlasting love. It tells someone that you love them forever. When the diamonds go all the way around it is said to symbolise how your love is a continuous circle that never ends.

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