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Before tying the knot and saying 'I do', it's important to remember that your wedding ring symbolises life commitment, therefore your purchase should be considered with both emotion and practicality as it will too be a lifelong commitment. As well as where to buy your wedding and engagement ring when it comes to choosing your wedding ring, make sure the ring is the right purchase for you.

Does the wedding ring sizing fit your finger correctly? Which wedding band are you most comfortable with? Are you looking to pair your wedding ring with your engagement ring? From classic plain metal to patterned and diamond set designs, we provide customers with the greatest range of wedding rings, balancing cost versus quality. Here at Shining Diamonds we ensure you have the best possible experience when shopping for your perfect wedding band - we offer free samples straight to your door and our delivery services covers all of the UK with an established reputation for diamond jewellery.

Wedding ring finance

When you purchase a Wedding Ring from Shining Diamonds we are able to provide various diamond finance options, with a number of options available including a 0% Interest Free 6 Month option, a 12 month, an 18 month and other options all with varying interest rates.

What do I need to consider before buying a wedding ring?

When buying a wedding ring, you need to consider the budget you have in mind, the size of the ring, and the style of the ring. We recommend choosing a ring that you'll cherish forever that complements your engagement ring well, since they'll be sitting together.

How much money should I spend on a wedding ring?

The cost of a wedding ring varies - our collection ranges from as little as £89 to as much as £3,000. Some couples opt for a simple, functional ring made from a precious metal while other couples look to add some diamond sparkle.

Can I buy a wedding ring on finance?

Yes, you can buy a wedding ring on finance. When you purchase a wedding ring from Shining Diamonds, we provide various finance options, including a 0% Interest Free 6 Month option, a 12 month and 18 month and other options all with varying interest rates. Learn more about diamond finance now.

What is the best metal for wedding rings?

White gold is a popular choice among wedding buyers, as is platinum – however, yellow gold offers a timelessness for a more classic style, whereas rose gold creates an illustrious style, adding extra amore to your piece. Learn more about the best metal for wedding rings from our guide.

How do you wear a wedding ring?

Your wedding ring should be worn on your fourth finger of the left hand. It’s perfectly natural to wear both your wedding ring and engagement ring on the same finger, both during the wedding ceremony and continuing afterwards.