Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

The radiant cut diamond was the first square cut diamond that had a complete brilliant cut facet pattern (princess cut was the second). Designed by Henry Grossband in 1977, the radiant cut diamond is thought to be a bridge between the cushion cut and princess cut. This style diamond looks stunning in an engagement ring, and makes a timeless multi-stone ring.

The radiant cut diamond was very popular during the 1980’s, and is seen in many vintage style diamond engagement rings. A radiant cut diamond also looks phenomenal as a central stone in a gemstone ring. When you choose your radiant cut engagement ring from Shining Diamonds you can personalise the carat, and metal, so that you get an engagement ring that is unique to you. Our radiant diamond rings are as stunning as they are timeless, and will pair perfectly with a number of wedding rings.

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