Should you drop hints for your partner to propose?

Should you drop hints for your partner to propose?

Are you sick and tired of waiting for your boyfriend or partner to propose? Maybe you are concerned that your long-awaited wedding plans will fade away, or perhaps it’s beginning to influence the bond in your relationship? If so, consider the following before making your next move.

Proposal help

Hint, hint

Here’s the scenario: you’ve been in a relationship for years; you live together, and you might even co-parent a pet! But they haven’t popped the big question, and it doesn’t appear that they will anytime soon. So, you understandably want to be proactive and persuade your partner to propose to you, and ensure you are both on the same page going forwards. Here’s what you can do to nudge them in the right direction:

  • “Do you like this…?” – get to know your style by browsing our stunning collection of engagement rings. If you see something you like, then make it known and ask for their opinion!
  • Yes, yes, and yes! – make it crystal clear that saying no is not an option. You may want to drop topics like your future as a married couple into casual conversation, just to make them comfortable to propose, knowing that’s what you want.
  • Make sure he knows your ring size! – there’s nothing worse than a ring painfully suffocating your finger, or loosely flopping around. Not ideal for an Instagram post, nor for blood flow! Not sure on what size you are? Learn how to measure your ring size with our helpful guide.
  • #EngagementRing – this one is extra sneaky, but you can drop hints in your social media likes and see if they catch on. If you’re feeling brave enough, share your favourite ring to your story. Hopefully, they’ll agree it’s the one!

Is hinting not your thing?

Hinting can be risky, and they may be able to see right through your subtle cues, which could have an adverse effect. Alternatively, you can:

  • Call in a favour – your family and friends can get straight to the point and find out their plans without getting red-faced!
  • Just come out with it – being honest and open about what you want is an ideal way to start your marriage, so take a deep breath and address the elephant in the room.

Same sex proposals

This is a little trickier because conventionally, in heterosexual relationships, the man takes charge and pops the question – so in a LGBTQ+ relationship, who hints to who?

If anything, this possibly takes the pressure off and makes it easier. As it’s anyone’s game, if someone is ready to take the plunge into married life, there’s no social conventions which would typically cause someone to need to wait!

If you’re thinking about stepping up and kneeling down to ask your partner to marry you, you should consider how to secretly find out your partners’ ring size, and how to choose an engagement ring. For more information, see our definitive guide to same-sex engagements.

Why you shouldn’t insinuate a proposal at all

  • Timing – what does their to-do list look like? Are they amid a big life change? Or is there a hefty financial commitment approaching? It could very well be in the pipeline!
  • They might not be ready – driving a hard bargain on the subject may drive them away – so in some circumstances, it could be best to back off. Consider whether it’s better to not be engaged, than to be engaged to someone who doesn’t want it as much as you do.

The don’ts

Bear the latter in mind when approaching this subject, as getting married is a huge life event, so you must remain sensitive to your partners’ attitude, concerns, and circumstances:

  • Don’t pester them – your partner will not appreciate a barrage of hints or questions from secret-agent-Mum, so take it slow. You’re both in this for the long haul; be patient and they’ll get to it when the time is right. 
  • Last chance saloon – giving them an ultimatum is a big no-no. Adding pressure to an already tense situation is counterintuitive and ineffective for getting your boyfriend or partner to propose to you – and it’s likely to just push them away.

Still left scratching your head?

Propose yourself! In keeping with tradition, the man gets down on one knee to ask, but this is 2021, and anything goes! It may seem daunting, but if all else fails, you can start planning your proposal with help from our handy guide. Whether it’s at home, your favourite restaurant, or even the place where you met, we also have the perfect ring to cap off your magical moment.

Did the honest conversation work? Or do you intend to propose? Get in touch with one of our jewellery experts and they will be delighted to assist you in finding your or your partners’ dream engagement ring. Alternatively, you can visit our showroom in London, for a full in-person tour of Hatton Garden’s finest engagement rings.