Ideas for proposing at home

Ideas for proposing at home

With 2020 bringing about unprecedented lifestyles, a lot of plans have had to change – and are continuing to be put on hold as we begin 2021, too. Alongside holidays, events and the ability to simply go out for a meal, the act of proposing has also had to evolve with the times to become a lot more ‘low-key’. So how do you propose at home, while making it special and memorable for the one you love?

How to propose at home

Before you decide on how you’re going to propose at home, it’s important to ensure you’ve found the perfect diamond engagement ring for your loved one. You’ll need to consider your budget firstly, then go on to decide on the 4C’s – cut, clarity, colour and carat. Need help deciding? Our guide on how to choose an engagement ring has you covered. 

Proposal ideas at home

Round-the-world bar crawl

If you have the flexibility of having a fair few rooms to play with in your home, an idea for proposing at home could be to get creative, and design a bar crawl for every country. As part of your proposal plan, decorate the rooms of your home with themes from that country, such as the national flag, any notable animals or objects associated with that country, and have a country-specific disco to tunes from that area of the world. These countries can be random, or they can be places you’ve visited together – leaving your loved one’s favourite until last, where you can pop the question. 

This idea is perfect for couples who have some time on their hands, perhaps on furlough or working part time currently, and enjoy being creative. Not only will this provide an excellent date-day in lockdown, but it will show a lot of care and thought has been put into this idea – making the proposal extra special for your loved one.

3 course meal

Cooking your loved one’s favourite meals can never be underestimated – especially during lockdown or when times aren’t completely normal. Tell her to get ready for ‘date night’ – as if you were going to a restaurant, or out on the town. Start with some bubbly, and then prepare the starter, main and dessert. At this point, it’s up to you how you want to pop the question – whether you choose to classically hide the engagement ring in the dessert, or pop it in the champagne glass, or simply wait until the end of the meal to get down on one knee. The act of dressing up fancy and enjoying a restaurant experience alone is enough to create a romantic atmosphere – perfect for proposing. 

Pet proposal

Do you have a furry friend who could help you out in the proposal process? Whether you have a cat or a dog, either can lend you a helping paw for your home proposal. One option would be to attach the engagement ring around your pet’s collar, so when your loved one goes to pet them, she’ll see the ring. Another option could be to create a custom tag for your dog or cat which goes on their collar, which can be engraved in the words “will you marry me”?

Home spa day

Although you may not be able to treat yourselves to an actual spa day, bring the spa to your doorstep by creating a spa-like tranquil experience. Kit our your loved one with her own spa robe and slippers, and create a pampering atmosphere in your own home. This could be done using spa music, running them a bath surrounded by tranquil candles and flowers, and filling the air with romantic soothing scents. 

You could then create a massage parlour for your loved one – reducing any muscle stress from a back massage; creating a luxury experience by providing a soothing facial; and alleviating any pain in her feet by giving foot rubs. A clever idea to link this into a proposal could be offering to give her a hand massage – and have the ring ready to slip on her finger when she says yes.

Treasure hunt

To add some excitement and thrill to the proposal, you could create a romantic treasure hunt around the home and garden – using clever clues to lead your loved one to the next spot. You can either include romantic gifts along the way, such as flowers, chocolate, or keep the clues personal with a romantic meaning written on each of them, perhaps reasons why you love them. The clues can then end by leading directly to you – where you can be kneeling with an engagement ring in your hand.

Now you’ve found out some ideas for proposing at home, explore our wide selection of diamond engagement rings online now. Alternatively, get in touch with one of our experts for more proposal advice, as well as how to choose the perfect engagement ring.