Same sex engagement guide

Same sex engagement guide

Planning to propose to your partner, but unsure on the best way to navigate a same sex proposal? We’re here to help. From planning the proposal (and avoiding planning it at the same time as your partner!) to choosing the engagement rings, we’ve prepared a guide to same-sex engagements to help you celebrate your love in the best way possible.

Planning the proposal

One of the main differences same-sex couples are faced with when planning a proposal is that there isn’t one person who should ‘traditionally’ propose. Although it’s not unheard of for women to propose to men, it’s typically the man who proposes to the woman in a heterosexual relationship. 

However, in same sex couples, you may also face the problem that you and your partner might actually be planning to propose at the same time! That’s why it’s often best to have the conversations beforehand about marriage – specifying perhaps how you’d want to be proposed to, or propose yourself. This way, you and your partner have an understanding of what roles you’d prefer to take in the scenario – which can lead to avoiding both partners planning to propose at the same time.

It’s also worth bearing in mind the tradition of asking the father’s permission. This isn’t typically a tradition you would need to abide by even in a heterosexual proposal in modern day, but the tradition can still stand if it’s important to brides or grooms. 

For ideas on how to propose, or perhaps planning a proposal at home, our detailed guides have you covered. 

Same sex engagement rings

Another factor to consider for a same sex engagement is who wears the ring? Well, that is entirely your choice – and can differ in every relationship. As tradition dictates, the proposer would typically present the ‘proposee’ with a ring – but there’s nothing to suggest that, as a proposer, you wouldn’t be entitled to your own engagement ring, too. Actually, both people in the couple wearing engagement rings is becoming an increasingly popular trend in modern times.

Of course, it’s important to consider what sort of engagement ring your loved one will desire. Browse through our full selection of diamond engagement rings here at Shining Diamonds – with an eclectic choice for both female and male engagement rings.

Choosing same sex wedding rings

This is where being a same-sex couple can make the decision of wedding rings a lot easier. Many same sex couples opt for the same wedding ring as each other – to symbolise unification and togetherness. However, that being said, it’s not uncommon for gay or lesbian couples to choose different wedding rings based on their taste. For example, one person may be more inclined to choose something with a lot of diamonds and sparkle – whereas another may prefer a simpler taste. 

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LGBT marriage or civil partnership?

Now you’ve popped the question, bought the engagement rings and wedding rings, it’s time to decide how you want to marry your other half. The same-sex marriage act was passed in England and Wales in 2013, with couples being legally able to marry from March 29th, 2014. This provides two options for couples for their big day:

  • Marriage – there are many venues in England and other parts of the UK which have opted into marry same-sex couples.
  • Civil partnership – this is a wedding without any religious context, and this option is available to all couples – regardless of sexual orientation. 

However, as same-sex marriage is still relatively new, the traditions regarding how same-sex couples have their weddings are less strict, and much more flexible. This means that you can plan your wedding day to be exactly as you choose. A lot of couples opt for marrying legally at the registry office, and then having a celebration with friends and family afterwards. 

Now you’re more clued up on gay and lesbian proposals, it could be time to pop the question to your other half. Browse our wide selection of diamond engagement rings here at Shining Diamonds for inspiration – or visit us in store to view our diamond jewellery in person.