How to propose

How to propose

Planning a proposal involves choosing the perfect ring, setting the right location, and crafting the perfect speech. Consider her preferences, involve loved ones, and make it personal. Remember those four magical words: "Will you marry me?"

Tips for planning a proposal

Planning the perfect proposal for your future bride can seem daunting – it’s likely this will be one of the biggest moments of both of your lives, so it’s natural to be worried about getting it right. That’s why proposal planning is so important – to make certain you say everything you want to say, set up the proposal in the perfect location and choose the best engagement ring for her. So, where do you start?

Our tips for planning a proposal are broken down into three sections to help you create the perfect marriage proposal for your partner:

  • Choosing the ring
  • Proposal ideas
  • What to say when you propose


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The Ring

Firstly, you need to ensure you have the perfect diamond engagement ring to impress your future fiancé. However, that can often be quite the task, leading to a series of questions – how do you know which style to choose? How much you should spend on an engagement ring? Fear not, we have you covered. Learn everything you need to know from our guide detailing how to choose an engagement ring.

Proposal ideas

  • Location – location is everything. Whether you choose to propose at sunset in a romantic holiday destination, or choose somewhere that has large sentimental value for both of you, one thing is for sure – it requires some thought. Perhaps you could choose the spot where you first said “I love you”? Or shared your first kiss? 
  • Involving family/friends – allowing her best friends or her family to get involved in the proposal is not only extremely exciting for the participants, but it would likely make the day more memorable for her, too. And of course, when she says yes, the biggest celebration will be in order – surrounded by everyone she loves!
  • Choose the date – remember that this date will be significant to both of you for years to come. Whether you choose to pick a national holiday, such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day, or a date that has meaning to the both of you, it’s important to consider this before proposing. 
  • Photographer – capture the moment by hiring a professional photographer. Having some snaps of the occasion will be amazing for you both to look back on, and the photos could also be great present to give to her as a surprise after they’re developed.
  • Use photos – as part of the proposal, if you’re not sure how to put your feelings into words, why not use photos to show the journey you’ve been on? You could fill a room with photos of memories – and then ask her to help you make more memories together for the rest of your lives.
  • Treasure hunt – leave a romantic trail of clues which lead to your marriage proposal at the end – perfect for creating a mystery and fun-filled surprise for your future fiancé to enjoy!
  • Music – an added touch would be to use your song as background music for the proposal. Whether it’s a song that says everything about your relationship, or simply a song both of you love and are reminded of each other every time you hear it, it could be symbolic to include this within the proposal.

Those are just some of our favourite tips for planning a proposal – but generally, it should be planned around your fiancé’s preferences and include memories and details that will mean a lot to them and make the day memorable. 

For more inspiration, learn how proposals have changed over the years from our detailed guide – from why we bend the knee when proposing to the thought behind the giving of a ring.

What to say when you propose

Although you may have made the decision to propose to your partner, deciding on the exact words to use can be difficult – if not slightly daunting. Our proposal tips on what to say when you propose should help you structure your speech:

  • Don’t do it ‘off the cuff’ – although you may think you are better delivering speeches spontaneously, it’s worth putting some thought behind what you want to say to your future fiancé. Write it down or practise it out loud – therefore, you can address any slip ups that may happen, and make sure you’ve covered everything you want to say.
  • Personalise the speech – make sure you’re not delivering a generic speech that could be applicable to anyone. The personal little details that you add in will make it more memorable! Look back on your time together, for example, including the moment you knew you wanted to propose, or any other significant moment in your relationship. 
  • Look to the future – mention how you wish to spend the rest of your life with this person, and what future plans you have. 
  • Those all-important 4 words – “will you marry me?” You’ll know when the time is right. Pull out your diamond engagement ring and pop the question!


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Now you’ve learnt how to propose from our detailed guide of proposal tips, ensure you’ve got the perfect engagement ring for your loved one. Choose from a range of ring styles, including Halo, Solitaire and Vintage – as well as being able to choose between a variety of metals, such as white gold, yellow or rose gold. Get in touch with a member of our expert team for more information now.