What jewellery should a bride wear?

What jewellery should a bride wear?

With the big day fast approaching, the wedding rings bought ready to exchange at the altar, and a stunning engagement ring on your finger – wedding day jewellery can often be forgotten about. But as the countdown continues, the question still stands: what jewellery should a bride wear? From earrings and bracelets to bridal sets, our detailed guide has you covered. 

Wedding bridal jewellery

Although the wedding dress is likely to be the star of the show, having the right bridal jewellery will elevate your style even further. So, what jewellery should a bride wear?

Bridal necklaces

Often, the type of wedding bridal jewellery you choose will naturally depend on the style of wedding dress chosen for the big day – especially when choosing diamond necklaces.

Here at Shining Diamonds, we offer a variety of diamond pendants which complement either a strapless neckline or a plunging neckline – from Solitaire styles to Halo and Hearts. With these sort of necklines, showing off your wedding bridal jewellery is easier – as there is typically be more room for accessories.



Round Solitaire Pendant in 18K Rose Gold

However, if your wedding dress style is high-necked, it’s important to not make the look appear too ‘busy’ – so it would probably be a better choice to opt for a bracelet or earrings rather than a necklace in this instance. This also applies to halter-necks, off-the-shoulder dresses and some bateau necklines – as the neckline can often disrupt the necklace length. Pearls that layer on top of a bateau neckline is often a good choice, accompanied by matching earrings.

Bridal earrings

When it comes to deciding which earrings to wear for your wedding day, in the first instance, you want to match them up to a necklace (if applicable). However, another important consideration is the way your hair will be styled – an up-do can often leave room for earrings to elevate your wedding dress to another level of style, whereas hair down may hide earrings from view. 

We supply a wide selection of earrings for brides, including simple diamond studsdrop and hoop earrings and coloured gemstones. A perfect choice to accompany an up-do hair style would be journey earrings – hanging from the ear, these earrings are designed with clusters of sparkling diamonds, guaranteed to accentuate your wedding day style.



Round Diamond Journey Earrings in 18K White Gold

Bridal bracelets

A timelessly elegant bracelet can take a wedding style from great to excellent. A simple edition of a diamond bracelet effortlessly hanging from the wrist of the bride is enough to complete the look – and, more often than not, a bracelet is likely to pair well with any style of neck-lined wedding dress.

Whether you’re looking for single row diamondsdesigner bangles or, for an extra dose of sparkle, double row diamond bracelets, the collection here at Shining Diamonds has you covered for your wedding day jewellery.



Channel Set Diamond Bangle in 18K Yellow Gold

Bridal Sets

Of course, to go the extra mile, bridal set engagement rings are the perfect option for wedding bridal jewellery. With an engagement ring that seamlessly matches up with your pending wedding ring, once exchanged at the altar, radiate beauty with an iconic bridal set which will tie up your wedding bridal jewellery perfectly.



Highset Round Bridal cut Ring set in 18K White Gold

Should bride and bridesmaid jewellery match?

Often, it’s a custom of a wedding that the bride’s and bridesmaids’ jewellery should match. This is completely dependent on the type of wedding you want – and the type of dresses that you’ve chosen for your bridesmaids. If the colour of their dresses, or their particular skin tone, hair colour or body type differs greatly from the bride’s, it may not be wise to match the bride’s and bridesmaid’s jewellery, as it could clash with their differing style. However, if possible, it can be a clever way to tie in everyone’s wedding jewellery – and show a strong link between the bride and the bridesmaids.  

Still looking for the perfect bridal jewellery? Browse through our collection of earringspendantsbracelets and more – or, alternatively, come and visit our Hatton Garden showroom to choose the perfect bridal jewellery in person.