Guide to bridesmaid jewellery

Guide to bridesmaid jewellery

Choosing your ultimate bride-tribe can often be a difficult decision – ensuring feelings don’t get hurt by choosing the best people for the job is tricky, as well as also making sure they’re dolled up to the nines on the day with the perfect pieces of jewellery to make them sparkle. So, how do you choose the perfect bridesmaid jewellery?

What is bridesmaid jewellery?

Bridesmaid jewellery is usually given during one of two instances; either when you’re asking your closest friends to help you tie the knot by standing at your side as bridesmaids, or when you’re looking for the perfect bridesmaid jewellery for them to wear on the big day. Either way, our guide to bridesmaid jewellery gifts has you covered – giving you the ultimate break down of bridesmaid necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more.

Bridesmaid bracelets

Looking for a delicate piece of jewellery that your bridesmaids can wear to elegantly showcase some sparkle, but not pull too much attention away from their dress? Our channel set diamond bangle intricately captures this style:

Channel set diamond bangle

Showcasing effortless beauty by a stunning yet simple bangle, this is a popular choice for bridesmaids on your big day. For more, choose from single row, double row, triple row and four plus row stunning diamond bracelets.

Alternatively, if you fancy a splash of colour, our range of gorgeous gemstones are a great choice – match up the colour of your bridesmaids’ dresses with a gemstone. We carry an eclectic range of gemstones including blue sapphire, ruby, emerald, aquamarine and tanzanite – allowing you to seamlessly match the colour of their gowns to their stunning gemstone bracelet.

Bridesmaid earrings

The specific hairstyle you choose for your bridesmaids can often dictate which earrings you choose for them to wear on the big day. Some of our journey diamond earrings are the perfect choice for a hair-up do to add some sparkle to your bridesmaids’ style.

Brilliant cut diamond journey earrings

Another element to consider is your bridesmaids’ face shape. For example, someone with a round face shape would typically want to avoid hoops or round studs – as this will add emphasis to the round features of their face. Learn more about earring styles for face shapes from our detailed guide.

Bridesmaid necklaces

Pendants and necklaces for bridesmaids are also another way to ask your loved one to be by your side on the big day, or the perfect accessory to complement a bridesmaid dress – especially if they’re plunge style dress, or an A-line cut.

A favourite choice is one of our diamond alphabet pendants – take the first letter of their name and find the perfect diamond alphabet pendant to present to them with a simple card ‘Will you be my bridesmaid?

B-alphabet necklace

Learn more about how to choose the perfect diamond pendant for your bridesmaid gift from our guide.

Maid of honour jewellery

Of course, you may have chosen a maid of honour to be the head of organisation at your hen do, help facilitate a smooth wedding and generally be your right-hand girl. To distinguish this loved one from the rest, you may want to gift her with specific maid of honour jewellery for her to wear – often paired with a different dress to the rest of the bridesmaids.

Your maid of honour may also have a different hair style to the rest of the bridesmaids – meaning that a different pair of diamond earrings could be the perfect choice. Drop and hoop earrings are a gorgeous choice – giving your maid of honour the chance to sparkle and shine on your big day.

Buy bridesmaid jewellery at Shining Diamonds

Here at Shining Diamonds, we have an array of beautiful diamond jewellery to peruse. Come and visit us in store at our Hatton Garden showroom to browse through our bridesmaid jewellery gifts in person.

Alternatively, now you know how to dress your bridesmaids in delicious diamonds, make sure you’re well prepared for your own jewellery on the special day. Read up on what jewellery a bride should wear from our detailed guide today.