How to Choose a Diamond Pendant

How to Choose a Diamond Pendant

Is there anything more beautiful than a stunning diamond pendant delicately resting on simple chain around a long, elegant neck? We don’t think so! But finding the perfect pendant can be a challenge especially with so many gorgeous options to choose from. When customers come to our Hatton Garden Store, we often talk them through the following things to gauge which member of our magnificent range would be perfect for them. So, whether you’re buying for yourself or as a gift for someone else, follow our tips to find your dream diamond pendant necklace.

Choosing a Diamond Necklace

Face Shape

Similar to buying other pieces of jewellery such as diamond earrings, face shape is vital when choosing a new piece. Your jewellery should emphasise your beauty and compliment your face, not detract from it, so choosing the right piece is vital.

  • Heart – a heart shaped face is characterised by the striking bone structure of a  wide forehead and sharp chin. For customers with a heart shaped face, we suggest avoiding long necklaces. Instead opt for a shorter chain, that hangs by your throat with a curved stone such as a pearl for true elegance.

  • Oval – an oval shaped face is one of the easiest faces to style. If you or your loved one an oval shaped face, the good news is any pendant, from pear to emerald, will suit them, although that doesn’t cut it down much!

  • Round – a round face is soft with a slightly narrower chin and forehead. If you are buying a necklace for a round face, avoid short collarettes as these only serve to widen your face. The best pendant you can buy is a long pendant, such as a pear, that drops below your collarbone creating that famous V shape.

  • Square – a square face is recognisable from it strong cheekbones and jawlines. Any diamond necklace you choose should soften the strong bone structure. If you are buying for a square-shaped face try to avoid geometric cuts and focus on softer lines with a longer chain that falls close to your décolletage.

It is worth noting that a solitaire cut is so timeless and elegant that it suits every face shape. If you are unsure of the shape of the face you are buying for, a solitaire cut is a classic cut that always looks stunning.

Clothing Neckline

Diamond pendant necklaces are often bought for special occasions such as a wedding or an important birthday. If you are buying your necklace for an event, consider what you are wearing and how to best compliment your outfit. A strapless dress accompanied by a statement piece of jewellery is a timeless look that always wows whereas a plunging v-neck dress requires simplicity – why not consider one pendant on a low chain delicately hanging in the centre of your chest.


Of course your budget is very important when choosing a diamond pendant. At Shining Diamonds, we offer four different metals: rose goldwhite goldyellow gold and platinum. Platinum would be the chain of choice due to its durability, however, for those on a smaller budget all three golds can achieve the same shine for a more affordable price.

The 4Cs

The 4Cs are a central component to buying a diamond. The CutClarityColour and Carat determine the durability, look and shimmer of your diamond. Our diamond buying guide will help you understand this simple criteria and help you to pick a pendant that shines with every movement while lasting through the years. At Shining Diamonds we create each piece with the 4Cs in mind, ensuring that your jewellery will never look dull and shimmer.


Central when choosing a necklace, but often forgotten when buying gifts, is the wearer’s taste. If your special someone’s style is audacious and out there, a statement piece such as a designer pendant or gemstone piece might work best as it draws attention in. If your loved one’s taste’s are slightly more refined, a simple, elegant pendant on a low hanging chain might work better. Although it can be hard to determine someone’s taste looking at whether they wear statement or simple pieces is a good place to start when buying diamond pendants.


Finally, if you are buying this piece for someone else, ask yourself what you want it to say. Is it for an anniversary? Why not look at our designer eternity pendant or if you are buying a Christmas gift why not choose a yellow gemstone that sparkles and gleams like the fairy lights on an evergreen. Consider why you are buying the piece and choose something accordingly, your loved one will appreciate it so much more!

At Shining Diamonds, our diamond pendant necklaces are cut with perfection in mind. Why not browse our diamond pendant range in our Hatton Garden store or order a free sample to your house and shop from the comfort of your own home.