What’s the difference between a pendant and a necklace?

What’s the difference between a pendant and a necklace?

A diamond pendant has always been a popular gift for a loved one. The delicate sparkle of the hanging diamond makes the piece one of the most elegant pieces of jewellery. A diamond necklace is often colloquially interchangeable with a diamond pendant, but, in truth, they are very different pieces. A diamond necklace is made to go around the neck while a diamond pendant is a small, delicate piece which is made to be hung on a chain. Although these chains are often worn around the neck, they can be worn as anklets and bracelets as well. Diamond necklaces are designed to enhance and highlight your décolletage whether that be through shape, cut or diamond placement. A pendant, on the other hand, is not always designed specifically for your neckline. We will be looking in more depth at types of both necklaces and pendants, helping you to choose the right necklace for your style.

Types of diamond necklaces and pendants

There are many different styles of diamond necklace with some suiting different necklines and outfits.


The choker necklace, so named due to its tight design, sits snuggly around your neck similar to a turtleneck. This bold design highlights the neck and shoulders while allowing the wearer to exude a sultry and mysterious vibe. Styles can range from a simple ribbon, tied around the neck, to a full diamond encrusted necklace that sparkles every time you move your head. We recommend wearing a choker with strapless dress as this necklace was built to highlight bare shoulders and neck.


A diamond cascade necklace is a true showstopper. With multiple strands that each sparkle and gleam, this piece is one of the most eye-catching forms of jewellery. Those who wear cascade diamond necklaces are known for their confidence –a cascade necklace is a bold statement so is best worn is complemented by someone who exerts confident in themselves. This piece looks stunning with plainer outfits so the only place the eye can be drawn to is the decolletage.

Single Strand

A single strand necklace is slightly more subtle than its multiple strand sister – traditionally a single strand of pearls, this necklace is one of the simplest designs which makes it all the more beautiful. How you wear a single strand necklace is completely dependent on the length – a single strand choker looks best with a strapless dress to accentuate your shoulders, whereas a long strand might be worn in a more of an everyday setting.

Princess Length

The Princess length hangs just below the collarbone. It can be a solid strand of diamonds similar to a single strand or cascade necklace, but it can also be a pendant threaded onto the correct length chain. Although this length looks good with almost any outfit, we recommend a plunging neckline. A princess length necklace will rest on your chest creating a tantalising line to your cleavage and tying your outfit together.

Opera length

The Opera Length necklace is long and low and is usually made from a single strand. It hangs over a dress or blouse creating a bohemian sort of look. Opera length necklaces made from diamonds are truly a sight to behold – they shimmer like a length of fairy dust around your neck and cast rainbow refractions as the light hits them adding a little touch of magic to your outfit.

Solitaire Pendants

Finally, the solitaire cut is one of the most popular diamond cuts alongside, princess and halo, whether it be for diamond pendants, diamond earrings or diamond rings. The cut has multiple surfaces allowing the light to bounce around the room and dazzling anyone who sees them. A pendant traditionally sits around a simple chain, but the length of the chain really determines what you wear with it. We recommend, whatever the length of chain, wearing something that draws your eye to the pendant as diamonds should always be stars of the show.

How to choose a diamond necklace or pendant

Before buying anything diamond related you must have a basic knowledge of the 4Cs of diamonds buying – Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat. All our diamond jewellery is made with these four tenets in mind to create the most stunning pieces. If you need more help picking your dream diamond necklace or pendant, get in touch with a member of our expert team or visit us at our Hatton Garden store.