19 Incredibly Cool Couple Wedding Tattoo Inspirations

19 Incredibly Cool Couple Wedding Tattoo Inspirations

Wedding tattoos are extremely popular and have been everywhere on pinterest and instagram. Although wedding rings are classic way to symbolise your eternal love and togetherness, wedding ring tattoos are new cool thing that is trending now. With celebrity couples including beyonce and Jay Z going for this, it is no surprise why these wedding tattoos are trending. So if you are planning on tying the knot, check out some couple wedding tattoo inspiration below. Be sure to let us know your favorite in comments below.

1) Bow tie wedding tattoo








3) Heart together




4) King and Queen wedding tattoo




5) Lettered Tattoo




6) Male & Female wedding tattoo




7) Initials Wedding Tattoo




8) Mr and Mrs Wedding Tattoo




9) Perfect love wedding tattoo




10) Perfect XO wedding tattoo




11) Permanent Promise




12) This one is our favourite




13) Together forever




14) Wedding Date Tattoo




15) Wedding Hearts Tattoo




16) Wedding Matching Tattoos




17) King and Queen Wedding Tattoo




18) Wedding ring tattoo




19) XO couple wedding tattoo




Got inspired with the above and for some wedding photoshoot inspiration check our other article 18 Fun Wedding Photo Ideas You’ll Want To Steal. Let us know which one is your favourite in comments section below. If you’re looking for wedding rings inspiration, take a look at our collection ranging from classic plain wedding bands to diamond stud wedding bands now.