Earring styles for face shapes

Earring styles for face shapes

Looking for the perfect diamond earrings for a loved one? Make sure you’re clued up on which earrings are the right choice for their face shape. Learn more about diamond earrings for different face shapes from our helpful guide.

Types of earrings for different face shapes

Earrings can play a huge part in altering the perception of your face shape. They can make your face look wider or longer than usual, as well as fatter or thinner than desirable. That’s why knowing your face shape is so helpful for understanding what types of earrings will complement you.

Earrings for round face shape

The best earrings for round face shapes are drop earrings or dangle earrings – as, with round faces, this typically suggests your face is circular and the widest point of your face is your cheekbones, so drop or dangle earrings will make your face appear slimmer.

Earrings to avoid for round face shapes include large circular earrings, hoops or round studs – as this will add more emphasis to the round features of your face.



Earrings for heart shapes faces

For someone who’s forehead is typically wider than their cheeks, and the lower half of their face narrows into a point – like a heart- the best earrings to choose are chandelier or teardrop earrings. These earrings, which are wider at the bottom than the top, help to fill out the lower section of your face – and provide a more balanced look.

Therefore, earrings to avoid include earrings which are wider at the top and narrow down into a point.



Earrings for long face shape

Applicable to both long and narrow shaped faces, the best option here is to choose earrings which emphasize the width of your face. This can include earrings such as clustered earrings, simple stud earrings or hooped earrings.

By wearing rounder earrings, this will wide your face – allowing it to look full and less thin.



Earrings for oval face shape

Good news for all you oval-face-shapes out there – if your face is oval like an egg, you’re able to wear pretty much any shape! With these specific dimensions of your face shape, any earrings you choose are likely to complement you. However, both simple stud earrings or triangular studs are the perfect choice for showing off cheekbones.



Earrings for triangle shaped face

An inverted triangle shaped face often means your forehead is the widest part of your face – leading down to a narrower, pointy chin. Although this is similar to the heart shape, the triangle shaped face is often longer and pointier.

To balance this, chandelier or teardrop earrings are a great choice for reducing the emphasis on a wider forehead.


Earrings for square face shapes

If your forehead and jawline are of similar widths, the best earrings to complement the hard edges of your face are earrings which are medium to long, preferably with rounded edges. Oval shaped earrings soften up the squareness of your forehead or jaw, and it’s best to steer clear of any square studs, or earrings with a square, as it will place emphasis on the square features.

Now you’ve learnt the different types of earrings for your face shape, browse our full selection of beautiful diamond earrings today at Shining Diamonds. Alternatively, come and visit us in our Hatton Garden showroom.