How to choose a wedding ring

How to choose a wedding ring

Planning to purchase your wedding rings can often be a last-minute thought, certainly something that is lower down the list the planning the wedding itself! However, make sure you alleviate any last-minute panic by buying your wedding rings in plenty of time before the big day. That way, you’ll be able to work through the wedding band requirements with ease – such as the ring sizes, choosing the metal and deciding on the style. But fear not – our ultimate guide to choosing a wedding ring has you covered.



Rose Gold 3mm Flat Wedding Band

When should you buy your wedding bands?

It’s recommended that you order your wedding ring around 6 months before the wedding. Although this is likely to not be on your mind just yet, this amount of time allows for adjustments to sizes, and to make sure you are certain on the style, weight and fit of the wedding rings for both you and your partner. Not sure how much to spend? Learn how much money you should spend on a wedding ring from our helpful guide.

Wedding ring styles

Alongside engagement rings, despite popular belief, there’s actually a lot of choice of wedding ring styles to choose from (just to make the wedding decision-making process easier!). Choose between plain metaldiamond set or patterned wedding rings, for both men and women – with styles perfect for those who love a bit of sparkle and those who want to keep their wedding band more simple. 

Wondering how to pick a wedding band that complements the engagement ring? That’s where our bridal sets step in. Perfectly pair up your wedding ring with an engagement ring – seamlessly matching both rings for an elegant style that lasts over time. 

Ring metals

Wondering what’s the best material for a wedding ring? Choose between a range of metals:

  • White gold – perfect for showcasing a beautiful polish and shine, white gold rings are plated with rhodium to give a brilliant white lustre. 
  • Platinum – the most expensive of these materials, this is the heaviest weight of wedding band material, but this makes it one of the most popular choices among ring buyers.
  • Yellow gold – for a traditional choice, yellow gold is a mixture of pure gold, copper and silver, offering a warmth to your wedding bands you don’t always experience with other metals.
  • Rose gold – also known as ‘pink gold’, rose gold metal is perfect for adding a touch of “amour” into your wedding bands. 

Band shape and fit

The shape and fit are both two crucial elements when it comes to choosing a wedding band. You want to choose a ring that feels comfortable on your finger, will also not obstructing the motion range of your finger, or having a ring that gets in the way at all. Typically, there are three main ring shapes used for wedding rings:

  • D-Shaped – this ring has a flat edge on the inside of the ring featuring a curved outside. The D shape is available to view through the cross-section of the ring.
  • Court Shaped – a classic yet still modern shape, the court shaped ring features rounded edges all the way around, perfect for a comfortable fit.
  • Shaped – these are designed to align with a shaped women’s engagement ring, and fits perfectly on the ring finger.

Band width and weight

Choosing the right band width and weight for your wedding band is also an important factor when choosing a wedding ring. By purchasing a wedding band with the incorrect band width and weight, this is likely to affect the comfort and durability of your ring.

You can choose between a light weight or heavy weight wedding ring – which will be typically outlined in the description, or advised in store by your local jewellers. Generally, the heavier the wedding ring, the more expensive it is to purchase – for example, platinum wedding rings are more expensive not only due to the metal being rarer, but also the additional weight, too, making it a popular choice. For personalised advice on the correct band width and weight of your wedding bands, visit our Hatton Garden showroom for a consultation.



Flush Round cut Diamond Wedding Ring

Now you’ve learnt how to choose a wedding band, browse through our range of wedding rings to buy online. Alternatively, visit our Hatton Garden showroom to view our wedding rings in person and have a consultation.