11 Weddings Rings Superstitions

11 Weddings Rings Superstitions

With your big day fast approaching, the engagement ring purchased, and the weddings rings selected, you and your partner are likely to be becoming increasingly excited as the day draws near.

But perhaps you’re conscious of upsetting the balance – especially when it comes to common myths and superstitions around your wedding rings and engagement ring. Does an itchy finger really mean bad luck? And would a tight wedding ring lead to a ‘stifled’ relationship? Our guide to the most common wedding ring and engagement ring superstitions has you covered.

Wedding and engagement ring myths

1. What does it mean if my wedding ring is too tight?

One of the most common superstitions around a wedding ring which is too tight is that this can spark jealousy in the marriage. A wedding ring which is too tight can be thought to symbolise that the relationship could be ‘strangled’ or ‘stifled’ – which would then lead to an unsuccessful or unhappy marriage.

2. What does it mean if my wedding ring is too loose?

On the other hand, a loose wedding ring is also said to foreshadow a parting of ways. As a loose wedding ring is likely to fall off, many believe this signifies forgetfulness and will ultimately lead to the end of a marriage.

3. Is it bad luck to try on your wedding ring?

It seems completely logical to try on your wedding ring before the big day – after all, you’ll be wearing this piece for the rest of your life. However, it is also an old wives tale that trying on your ring before the big day could result in poor nuptials. 

If you want to avoid this, we recommend having your ring finger sized before purchasing to ensure it will fit perfectly on your big day.

4. What does it mean for pregnancy when your wedding ring turns around?

Who needs modern technology when you have a ring and a piece of thread? According to this wedding ring superstition, there is no need to visit the hospital for an ultrasound – instead, simply tie the ring to the thread, hang it over your belly and let the stars do the talking. If the ring starts swinging in a circular motion, congratulations it’s a girl! And for a boy, your ring will swing back and forth.

5. Why are wedding rings made of gold?

Wedding rings are traditionally made of silver or gold and there’s a reason for this! A wedding ring is worn to show trust in your significant other. So expensive, gold or silver wedding rings were given to show trust, love, and faith in your soon-to-be-spouse. If the trust is broken, or one of you runs away, then the thought is, at least you have an expensive wedding ring.

6. Is it bad to drop your wedding ring during the ceremony?

You may think it’s a sign of being clumsy, but according to this wedding ring superstition, dropping your wedding ring will rid evil spirits from your marriage. Your wedding ring will be released of negativity, leading to a long and prosperous marriage, as the aura of your marriage is cleansed of evil.

However, this one is controversial as others say dropping your ring during the ceremony is in fact a bad omen.

7. Why do we wear wedding rings on our left hand?

According to the superstitious, the vein in your fourth finger on your left hand runs straight to the heart so wearing your wedding ring there is symbolic. This is probably the most common practise for getting married nowadays.

Medical professionals may argue that there is no clear medical evidence to support this, but either way, it now stands as one of the set weddings traditions in Western Culture for the wedding ring to be placed on this specific finger.

8. Is it bad luck to wear someone else’s wedding ring?

In some cases, it’s thought to be bad luck to wear someone else’s wedding ring – especially from a broken marriage. This is derived from the belief that energies can remain in objects of trauma, such as a broken marriage – suggesting that if someone were to wear a wedding ring from a divorce, it would pass on energy to the wearer for an unsuccessful marriage.

This is not, however, the case with engagement rings. Passing on an engagement ring as a family heirloom is said to bring joy to your marriage – provided the marriage before was a happy one!

9. What does an itchy ring finger mean?

If you’re yet to wear a ring, an itchy ring finger can symbolise that you are soon to be engaged or married. So, if you’re waiting for him to pop the question and your finger starts tingling or itching – a proposal may be on the way!

10. What does it mean if my wedding ring breaks?

A broken wedding ring is said to foreshadow the breaking up of a marriage. However, if your wedding ring has broken, there is no need to worry – according to myth you can reverse the effects if the husband places the fixed ring back on your finger. 

11. Can I removed my wedding ring?

Finally, after the wedding takes place, it is said that removing your wedding ring symbolises infidelity or trouble within a marriage. This superstition originates from ancient cultures where wedding rings were made of wood and could easily disintegrate if they were removed.

We hope this gave you some insight into the superstitions surrounding wedding and engagement rings. However we want you to remember, that just because your wedding ring is too loose does not mean your marriage will end – these are merely myths!

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