Ultimate guide to pear cut engagement rings

Ultimate guide to pear cut engagement rings

Searching for the perfect engagement ring for your partner? Ensuring you’ve chosen the right engagement ring for her is important – as there are various different types of engagement ring cuts to choose from. That’s why we’ve put together this detailed guide – to highlight why the pear cut diamond is the perfect choice for your proposal.


Pear Solitaire Diamond Ring

What is a pear cut engagement ring?

A pear cut diamond is as the name describes – cut into a distinctive pear shape, that can also be known as a ‘teardrop’ stone. Featuring a rounded end one side and a pointed end the other, a pear cut ring is a combination of both the marquise diamond and the round-cut brilliant diamond. This type of ring cut is perfect for those who desire an elegant but elongated appearance, while effortlessly capturing the beauty of a diamond in a unique shape – perfect for capturing admirers’ attention. 

Size and ratios of the pear diamond cut

Although the shape of a pear cut diamond is likely to be that of a teardrop, there’s often variations of this type of ring cut that need to be considered. For example, you could experience mishap pear shapes if you aren’t careful before you purchase. This can include:

  • Flat back pear cuts – if the stone is flat rather than a round semicircle, this can lead to the stone not having the correct shape and curve, and make them appear more triangular rather than pear shaped.
  • Too wide pear cuts – if the ratio is off balance with a pear cut diamond, it may lead to the pear appearing too ‘curvy’. In this instance, the sides that come towards to the point may do so with an unattractive slope rather than a crisper ridge. 
  • Bow tie pear cuts – if the pear cut shape has a ‘bow-tie’, this means there is a pattern running across the widest parts of the stone which is a darkened area of the diamond, which resembles a bow-tie. 

The ratio of the length of width is a vital component in the sculpting of pear cut diamonds. If the ratio is slightly off, it can make the stone appear stretched out, creating more of a round shape, or too long if the length outweighs the width. 

Our advice would be to ensure you are buying your pear cut diamond from an established professional, such as Shining Diamonds, or to come and view your pear cut stone in person at our Hatton Garden showroom.

Benefits of pear cut diamonds

  • Deceptive size – with their pointed edge combined with their round one, these features can make the pear cut diamond appear larger than round diamonds – meaning maximising sparkle and appearance of magnitude. 
  • Less expensive – the deceptive size of this ring can also help with the cost element, too. With a pear-shaped engagement ring, you can purchase a lower carat weight diamond while maintaining impressive visual effect. Learn more about how much you should spend on an engagement ring from our guide.
  • Unique style – for those who are seeking something a little different from the norm, for example, compared to the popularity of princess cut or round cut rings, pear-shaped rings are the perfect choice. It can also suit some wearer’s hands more than other cuts can – as it creates an elongated look to both fingers and hands.

Which way should you wear a pear-shaped diamond?

Technically, you can wear a pear shaped ring whichever way you want – however, the most common way of wearing it is with the tip of the pear pointed towards your fingernails, so as if the pear was sitting right-side up. That way, it also looks like a falling teardrop when you look down at your hand. As well as adhering to this style, by wearing a pear cut diamond ring this way, it also helps to elongate your fingers, making your hands and fingers look longer.


Pear Halo Diamond Ring in 18K White Gold

Pear cut diamond rings from Shining Diamonds

Looking to purchase your own pear cut engagement ring? Here at Shining Diamonds, we provide a wide range of pear cut diamonds to choose from, helping aid your decision for the big proposal day. Choose from a variety of metals, including white gold, platinum and yellow gold, as well as various styles of ring, such as side-stones, halo or vintage rings. 

Browse our pear-shaped engagement rings online now, or contact a member of our helpful team by either visiting our Hatton Garden showroom, or calling us.