Ultimate guide to round-cut engagement rings

Ultimate guide to round-cut engagement rings

Searching for the perfect engagement ring for your partner? Ensure you know the difference  between the types of engagement ring cuts available – to guarantee you purchase the ideal ring choice for your spouse-to-be. Learn everything you need to know about round cut diamond rings from our guide. 

What is a round cut diamond?

A round cut diamond, also known as a brilliant cut diamond, is one of the most well-known types of ring cut and is the most popular choice among ring buyers. It’s popularity is derived from it’s advanced cut regarding light performance, symmetry and facets – some unique facts about the round brilliant cut diamond include:

  • Facets – the round cut diamond cut has 58 facets. 33 of these facets are positioned on the stone’s crown, whereas the other 25 are located on the diamond pavilion.
  • Sparkle – it’s a well-known fact that the round cut diamond has the best sparkle out of all the diamond cuts, which allows for more flexibility in the colour, clarity and carat weight. 
  • Popularity – as a globally popular choice, round cut engagement rings make up around 60% of all engagement rings sold, and the round diamond itself makes up around 75% of all diamonds sold.
  • Value – typically, round cut diamonds are the most expensive type of ring cut that is used for engagement rings. This is due to it’s overwhelming brilliance and the way the ring cut is crafted, as cutting a round brilliant diamond leaves waste. For example, compared to a princess cut engagement ring which is easily cut from the rough into two halves, cutting the diamond into a round shape is trickier – and, by default, leaves a lot more waste of rough diamond. This then, in turn, increases the value of this type of diamond cut.


Round Solitaire Diamond Ring in 18K White Gold

Round cut diamond brilliance

The brilliance of the round cut diamond (also known as the white light reflection and pattern of contrast) is one of main contributing factors to why this cut is so popular. The cut aspects of a round cut diamond provides more brilliance than any other cut – providing that excellent ‘sparkle’ – which leads to its popularity among ring buyers. It’s exceptional brilliance captures the light exquisitely – making it a staple choice for engagement rings which will undoubtedly catch eyes and stand out from the crowd with its beauty. 

As well as brilliance, the round cut diamond also sports coloured light dispersed by the diamond – which is known as the diamond’s fire. As well as demonstrating an exceptional cut, creating exuberant brilliance, this then in turn allows the round brilliant engagement ring to showcase a wonderful amount of fire, too.

Round cut engagement rings from Shining Diamonds

Here at Shining Diamonds, every one of our round cut diamond rings are ethically sourced and created with the 4C’s right at the forefront: clarity, colour, cut and carat. It’s also thought that the round cut engagement ring is the ultimate symbol of everlasting love.



Round cut Three Stone Diamond Ring in 18k Rose Gold

Looking to purchase your own round cut engagement ring? Choose from your favourite ring style, such as Solitaire, Halo, or Vintage, and your desired metal from white gold and rose gold to platinum. If you need any more information about princess cut rings, get in touch with a member of our expert team today. Alternatively, learn more from our full diamond buying guide.