10 of the Most Iconic Celebrity Engagement Rings

10 of the Most Iconic Celebrity Engagement Rings

Here at Shining Diamonds, we love all things to do with weddings and engagements. Couple that with some gorgeous glittering jewellery and just a hint of celebrity gossip and we have a winning combination that we simply can’t get enough of. Because it’s nearly Christmas, we thought we’d indulge ourselves with a blog post that incorporates all of our favourite things, so we’ve scoured our collection of magazines and created a list of some of the most iconic and gorgeous celebrity engagement rings over the years.

So grab some prosecco and have a read, and see which engagement ring you’d most like to have for your own fairytale engagement.

Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Engagement Ring

Reportedly worth a jaw dropping 5 million dollars, Beyonce’s engagement ring is 18 carats of pure perfection. Styled with a modern cut and encircled with a dainty double silver band, with this ring, Beyonce proves once more that she really is Queen B.


Image Credit: All Womens Talk


Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’s Engagement Ring

Our favourite celebrity couple, Blake and Ryan’s relationship is full of fun and laughter, and so it makes sense that Blake’s engagement ring is just as sparkling and full of life. A beautiful 12 carat oval cut ring , Blake’s engagement ring is perfection in diamond form and we seriously can’t get enough.


Image Credit: Pinterest


Kate Middleton and Prince William’s Engagement Ring

A real fairytale come to life, Prince William and Kate’s engagement was the love story of our dreams, and so is their engagement ring. A glittering sapphire encircled with delicate diamonds, Kate’s engagement ring was originally owned by Princess Diana herself, and was passed down to William as an heirloom to propose with to the woman of his dreams. A beautiful ring with an emotionally moving history, Kate Middleton’s engagement ring is certainly fit for royalty.


Image Credit: Pinterest


Scarlett Johansson and Romain Dauriac’s Engagement Ring

A unique art deco engagement ring, Scarlett’s engagement is bold and daring, just like her. Three large diamonds are surrounded by smaller glistening gems, creating a definite roaring 20s Gatsby-esque glamourous style that we simply adore.


Image Credit : The Daily Beast


Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied’s Engagement Ring

Environmentally conscious Natalie Portman had her gorgeous engagement ring fashioned for her from an antique diamond, while the band was designed from recycled platinum. We absolutely love how Natalie has given a second life to this beautiful ring, and we think she looks absolutely flawless wearing it.


Image Credit : Uneek Jewellery


Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello’s Engagement Ring

Here at Shinning Diamonds, Sofia Vergara is most definitely up there as one of our all time favourite celebrities. Her style is second to none, and this can most definitely be seen with her gorgeous engagement ring. A beautiful platinum halo diamond ring , it’s nearly as stunning as Sofia herself.


Image Credit : Press Room


Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s Engagement Ring

Mila’s and Ashton’s love is pure and effortless, just like their classic styled engagement ring. A romantic solitaire cut, Mila’s diamond engagement ring is understated and timeless, and is certain to never go out of style. Proving that sometimes it’s the simplest rings that make the largest statement.


Image Credit : Hollywire


Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake’s Engagement Ring

A breathtaking 18 carat diamond takes centre stage on Jessica Biel’s engagement ring. Complete with an array of diamonds and aquamarine gemstones surrounding the flawless rounded square-cut diamond, Jessica’s ring is straight out of a fairytale and we may just be slightly in love.


Image Credit : Racked


Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s Engagement Ring

Here at Shining Diamonds we simply adore Jennifer Aniston, and particularly her impeccable taste in style. And knowing Jen, her engagement ring was never going to disappoint. A dazzling rose cut diamond strikes a bold pose, whilst the simple elegant band creates a beautiful contrast. This 1 million dollar diamond is the epitome of style and grace.


Image Credit : Wedding Bee


Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s Engagement Ring

Giving a sparkling twist to the classic diamond engagement ring, Nicole Kidman’s ring is unique and elegant, just like her. Her diamond encrusted engagement band is intertwined with a stunning array of even more diamonds, creating a dazzling and eye catching piece that has us head over heels in love.


Image Credit: Pinterest


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