What are the different types of diamond cuts?

What are the different types of diamond cuts?

When it comes to choosing the perfect engagement ring for your partner, you’re often overwhelmed with choice. What size diamond should you choose? How much should you spend on an engagement ring? And one of the most important elements to consider is ring cut. Also one of the renowned 4 C’s of ring buying, choosing the perfect cut for your diamond is crucial when picking an engagement ring. So, how do you know which cut to choose?

Types of diamond cuts

There are multiple variants of diamond cuts to choose for your engagement ring. These different diamond cuts can often make it tricky to make a decision. Understand what separates a princess cut to a brilliant round cut and more from our helpful guide on the different types of ring stone cuts.



Princess cut Cushion Halo Diamond Ring



Also known as a round-brilliant cut, this cone shaped diamond is the most iconic style for engagement rings. With its cone shape and rounded-off top, typically, a round brilliant diamond has 58 facets – meaning it maximises light reflection and sparkle. It’s no surprise this type of diamond cut is one of the most popular choices among ring buyers, known for being the ultimate symbol of love.




Another traditional style of engagement ring, this popular choice boasts sparkle through its square shape design. The pointed corners of this stone allows for a iconic bold statement choice for any wearer. To dazzle further, choose a princess cut set on a diamond encrusted band for ultimate sparkle. Find out more about princess cut engagement rings from our ultimate guide. 




With step-cut rectangular facets arranged in a parallel setting, emerald diamond cuts provide a higher clarity diamond. Finished off with smooth corners, this diamond cut is perfect for those desiring a vintage timeless look – offering a level of detail and depth that’s rarely found in other diamond cuts.




Designed during the 1960s, oval cut diamonds feature a coned base and curved edges – meaning this type of diamond cut catches the light and sparkles exceptionally. For a truly timeless and beautiful engagement ring, the oval cut provides just that – with not only connotations of love and romance, but also the perfect gift for any occasion. 




Dating back to the 1400s, the teardrop shaped diamond ring was designed when new techniques in diamond shaping had been introduced. Still one of the most popular choices among ring buyers in modern day, the pear cut diamond can be worn with the point of the diamond facing towards or away from the wearer.




Featuring an elongated shape with pointed ends, the marquise cut has a distinctive original shape for a striking engagement ring. This ring cut was also originally styled on a woman’s smile – designed with sharp ends which complement the wearer’s hand spectacularly. Typically vintage, this staple design is perfect for those who want something unique.




Shaped as the name describes, this heart-shaped cut is the ultimate symbol of romance. The cut of the heart diamond is a complex cut, meaning it is a rarer diamond than others. Thought to symbolise eternal romance, it has features modified from the round-brilliant cut, meaning it oozes sparkle through its multiple facets.




A perfect alternative to a round cut or princess cut diamond, a cushion cut diamond boasts exuberant light reflection and sparkle. Having dramatically increased in popularity, as celebrities have often been seen wearing this different type of diamond cut, they’re a perfect choice for a partner. Choose between a more square or rectangular shape to sit on a precious metal band.




An octagonal diamond with a square shape, the asscher cut diamond is designed with layered facets. Originally, the asscher cut design has 58 facets and was never patented, featuring a high crown and a deep pavilion. This type of diamond cut gained popularity in the early 2000s following a small change to the cut technique. 




Designed with 70 facets, the radiant cut diamond oozes pure sparkle, combining both a square and rectangular shape, also with the ‘brilliance’ of the round cut diamond. The radiant cut diamond was the first square cut diamond with a brilliant cut facet pattern, providing a stunning multi-stone ring style.


Pear Solitaire Diamond Ring

Choosing the perfect engagement ring for you can be tricky when there’s such a diverse selection of different diamond cuts. That’s why we’ve put together a handy guide on how to choose an engagement ring which can help. From choosing the ring size to engagement ring cuts, we have you covered while choosing the perfect ring for your partner. We’ve also created a handy guide which highlights which diamond shape defines your style – if you needed extra assistance to match a diamond cut perfectly to your partner’s personality!

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