Ultimate guide to emerald cut engagement rings

Ultimate guide to emerald cut engagement rings

While looking for the perfect engagement ring for your loved one, it’s expected to get overwhelmed with the amount of choice. How much should an engagement ring costAnd how do I choose the right engagement ring? However, one of the main questions is around the different types of engagement ring cuts. In this guide, we cover the emerald cut diamond – explaining what an emerald cut diamond is, and why this type of cut could be the perfect choice for your proposal.

What is an emerald cut diamond?

An emerald cut diamond is typically an elongated, rectangular shape with straight linear facets. Sculpted with chiselled step cuts, the emerald cut diamond’s facets are usually distributed parallelly down the side of the stone. It’s not uncommon to see the corners of an emerald cut diamond cropped – as this feature can prevent fractures to the stone, and also add more stability. 

As well as rectangular, a square shaped emerald cut diamond is not uncommon either. This type of engagement ring style was also named after the technique that was initially used to cut emeralds – but designed with diamonds being at the forefront. 

How many facets in an emerald cut diamond?

The emerald cut engagement ring has 58 facets. This is broken down into 25 brown, 25 pavilion and 8 girdle. 

Reflections of both white and coloured light can be seen through an emerald cut diamond ring – meaning it’s a popular choice for ring buyers. With this type of ring cut, you can expect deep clarity and a large surface area – meaning you can expect an abundance of light reflection. The fact this stone is considered as a larger stone but tends to lack the high price that a round diamond does makes emerald engagement rings a popular choice.



Emerald three stone Diamond Engagement ring in 18K White Gold

Best setting for emerald cut diamonds

Emerald stones are versatile – and fit beautifully on many settings. Some of the most popular and best settings for emerald cut diamond rings are:

  • Solitaire settings – one of the most popular types of engagement ring setting, an emerald cut diamond ring on a solitaire setting is the perfect choice. Choose between an elegant rectangle or a compact square stone for this setting.
  • Three stone settings – also known as a trilogy setting, an emerald 3 stone diamond ring is a great way to show off the beauty of these diamonds, dazzling anyone who sees it.
  • Pave setting – a much simpler setting, several small diamonds of gemstones accentuate the main emerald diamond on this band. Perfect for those who love a bit of sparkle!

For more information on diamond cut, colour, clarity and carat, consult our diamond buying guide – which will be able to guide you on the best type to choose for your emerald diamond ring.

Emerald cut engagement rings from Shining Diamonds

Here at Shining Diamonds, every one of our emerald cut diamond rings are ethically sourced and created with the 4C’s right at the forefront: clarity, colour, cut and carat. Emerald cut diamond rings are also considered as one of the purest symbols of true love.



Emerald Solitaire Diamond Ring in White Gold Setting


Looking to purchase your own emerald cut engagement rings? Decide between your favourite ring style – from Solitaire to Three-Stone – and choose your desired metal from white gold, rose gold, yellow gold and platinum. Get in touch with a member of our helpful team for more information on emerald diamond rings.