10 Engagement ring engravement ideas

10 Engagement ring engravement ideas

Engraving your engagement ring adds an extra special touch to a very important piece of jewellery. Here at Shining Diamonds, we have a stunning collection of engagement rings suited for every style. Make this moment truly yours with these thoughtful engraving engagement ideas, there are various ways you could engrave your engagement ring to make it distinctive for your loved one:

1. Inscribe your initials

This simple engravement is perfect for symbolising your unity together and is completely unique to you.

2. An important date

Another idea is to engrave the date you met, or the day you got engaged, or perhaps even the day you are planning to get married. Top tip: this is also a very good way to remember anniversaries!

3. A secret message

Engraving an extremely intimate message is a sure way to make this engagement ring extra special. This could refer to an inside joke you two may have, a phrase you both often say, or a codeword you both made up. The ring really is your oyster!

4. Nicknames

What better way to make your engagement ring special? Engraving your pet names for each other is both funny and cute.

5. A special location

Pay homage to how you both met by engraving the place you met on your ring!

6. A short sentiment

Sometimes a few simple words can mean the biggest thing – you could simply engrave ‘I love you’ or ‘Forever and always’, to really add a heartfelt touch to your engraving.

7. Fingerprint engravement

This is an especially good idea for engagement rings with chunkier metal, as there is more room to print your fingerprint. This engravement is both personal, and also looks good on wedding rings, too.

8. Acronym

Naturally, there won’t be enough room to write buckets of lovely messages – that is why acronyms can be a great idea. The most popular is: ‘ILYSM’ which means ‘I love you so much’.

9. Religious phrase

If you are looking for a more spiritual meaning for your engravement, you may want to opt for biblical phrase such as ‘Love is patient, love is kind’.

10. Co-ordinates of the place you met

For a more mysterious feel, you could engrave the coordinates of where you met onto your engagement ring – which could emphasise the destiny of you both being together.

After all these inspiring ideas, all you need now is the perfect ring! Have a browse through our stunning collection of diamond engagement rings. We also offer engraving services starting from only £25. Or, if you have a query then contact our helpful team.