Ultimate guide to cushion engagement rings

Ultimate guide to cushion engagement rings

Did you know that the cushion cut diamond is one of the most popular types of engagement ring? With its connotations to classic historic times, while exerting a modern twist, this type of diamond cut is the perfect choice for a loved one. If you’re struggling to choose the perfect engagement ring, our helpful guide to cushion cut diamonds has you covered. 

What is a cushion engagement ring?

Also known as mine cut or old mine cut due to its shape, cushion cut diamonds famously resemble a pillow-shape, often in either a square or a rectangle. This classic old mine facet pattern shines through in this diamond cut – making it a staple piece, and a popular choice for engagement rings.

Often, cushion engagement rings are seen as an alternative to princess cut diamonds, but cushion diamonds differ due to their rounded corners. Cushion cut diamonds are also compared quite closely to round brilliant diamonds – although the cushion cut is generally less brilliant, they do tend to have more fire than the round brilliant cut.

With these close comparisons to the two most popular cuts, this attracts buyers – and puts cushion cut diamonds in third place as the most popular diamond shape for engagement rings, providing a more affordable alternative to the round and princess cut.

How many facets are in a cushion cut diamond?

Although the cushion cut is also known as the old mine cut, the number of facets both of these cuts had differs. The old mine cut had 25 pavilion facets, and 33 crown facets (leading to 58 facets in total) – whereas our modern-day cushion cut typically has 64 facets. 

Benefits of choosing a cushion diamond

There are various benefits that come from choosing a cushion cut diamond ring, such as:

  • More affordable choice – compared to round cut or princess cut, the cushion diamond is a much more affordable stone.
  • Popularity – this type of cut is rising in popularity, especially among influencers and celebrities.
  • Durable – due to its rounded corners, this makes the ring extremely durable.
  • Unique shape – for a more personalised choice of engagement ring, this unique shape will allow your ring to stand out in the crowd.
  • Classic elements – with its old mine heritage, this cut combines a classic historical look with a modern twist. 
  • Brilliance and fire – this type of cut exhibits a high level of both brilliance and fire, and reflects white and coloured light very well. 

How to choose a cushion diamond

When it comes to choosing the perfect cushion cut diamond ring, there are a few important things to remember:

  • Colour – as cushion cuts are known to not retain their colour too well, choosing H or better on the colour grading scale is recommended when buying a cushion cut ring. Learn more about diamond colour from our guide.
  • Clarity – it’s recommended to stick to either S12 or S11 for the best value with clarity on cushion cuts. Find out more about diamond clarity
  • Cut parameters – the recommended cut parameters for the cushion cut diamond are for a depth under 70%, table under 70% – and length/width ratio whatever suits you!

Cushion cut engagement rings from Shining Diamonds

Here at Shining Diamonds, each of our cushion cut diamond rings are ethically sourced and created with the 4C’s right at the forefront: clarity, colour, cut and carat. For more information about the 4C’s, view our diamond buying guide. Interested in purchasing your own cushion cut diamond? Browse our wide selection of cushion cut engagement rings – choosing between your favourite ring styles, and your desired choice of ring metal. Visit our Hatton Garden showroom to view our cushion cut diamonds in person, or get in touch with a member of our team for more information.