Are lab created diamonds a good investment?

Are lab created diamonds a good investment?

When it comes to choosing the perfect diamond – whether that’s for an engagement ring or a beautiful piece of diamond jewellery – ensuring you’re buying into a good investment is important. So how do lab created diamonds compare to naturally sourced diamonds in terms of investment? 

Lab grown diamonds investment

There are often a variety of elements that diamond buyers would consider when determining the investment value of a stone. This includes:

  • Rarity – with naturally grown diamonds that come out of the earth, we can never guarantee what will be unearthed – however, lab grown diamonds are produced based on an order, meaning the size, clarity, shape and more can be man-made, which can arguably create a rarer stone than the earth can always produce.
  • Value – as the popularity of lab grown diamonds increases, and technology evolves and advances, lab diamonds will then decrease substantially in turn. This is important to consider as with the much faster process lab diamonds are created through, compared to the billions of years it takes to form naturally grown diamonds, this could have an impact on value. However, that being said, lab created diamonds tend to cost around 30% less than natural diamonds of the same quality and size – so from an initial buying perspective, lab diamonds are seen as a great investment.
  • Ethics – ethics plays a huge part in investment, especially in a world where we are increasingly more conscious of sustainability of the earth. No mining is required to sourcing lab diamonds, which makes them an ethically responsible choice – which some buyers would be likely to favour.
  • Resale – the resale of lab grown diamonds is a bit less likely than earth-grown diamonds. This is because, by the time resale is required, new ones can probably be produced at lower costs than the diamond was bought for. 
  • Identicalness – as lab diamonds are man-made with the same optical and chemical properties as natural diamonds, they can offer the same brilliance and sparkle as a mined diamond. This means that making an investment in man-made diamonds is a solid choice – and will leave you with a diamond that is identical from a chemical and aesthetic perspective to a naturally grown diamond.

For more information on the difference between natural and lab diamonds, view our detailed guide.

Can I finance my lab diamond engagement ring?

Yes – you are able to finance a lab created diamond ring with our diamond finance options. With these options, you are able to repay for your lab made diamond over monthly instalments with a 0% interest fee. Choose your plan to cover from 6 months to 18 months – with a varying rate of interest. 

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