How to clean diamond earrings

How to clean diamond earrings

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend then, like any friend, it is important to take good care of them. When you first open your gorgeous pair of earrings from Shining Diamonds, the diamond will sparkle and shine unlike anything you’ve ever seen. To keep that ethereal glimmer, it is important that you wash your diamonds regularly.

One option could be that you take your pieces to a jeweller to clean however, this can get expensive if done regularly, so we recommend washing your diamond earrings at least once a month. We have created an effective and hygienic cleaning process, that can be done from home, which should keep your diamond earrings gleaming every day. As well as this, our guide highlights the difference between cleaning and sterilising your earrings, and how to disinfect earrings that are inside the ear!

Why should you clean your diamond earrings?

Cleaning your diamond earrings once a month might seem like an inconvenience, but the benefits of keeping on top of the cleaning creates an unparalleled shimmer that will stun anyone who sets eyes on them. 

  • Prolong their life – grime and bacteria build up when you do not clean your earrings – this can have an erosive effect and can destroy your gorgeous jewellery slowly. Maintaining a strict cleaning schedule and polishing your diamonds once a month will increase their longevity and keep your ears adorned with glittering masterpieces for years to come.
  • Look brand new – cleaning your earrings will keep your jewellery looking as good as the day you bought it. Although sometimes we can’t see it, dirt often collects around the claw of the earring. A dirty diamond setting has a huge effect on the appearance of your gems so keeping it fresh and clean is of the utmost importance.
  • Prevent bacteria build up – cleaning your earrings often not only improves their appearance but their hygiene as well. Everyone with a piercing has experienced an infection or a day when the piercing is a little uncomfortable. Chances are, this was caused by a build-up of bacteria which came about through a lack of cleaning. Washing your earrings monthly reduces the chance of a bacteria build up keeping your earrings much more hygienic.

How to clean earrings at home

Cleaning earrings at home is simple but you need to follow the correct method to ensure that you do not damage them. Many people use toothpaste or alcohol to polish their diamonds but we recommend staying away from these products. Both can dull your diamonds especially if your earrings also contain a natural stone such as pearl or other gemstones. It is best to only use a mild liquid soap as this cleans but does not erode the diamond – you will also need a bowl, warm water and a soft bristle brush. 

  • Step 1 – fill the bowl with warm water and a little bit of liquid soap mixing the water until combined. Make sure the water is warm not hot as this could damage the jewellery.
  • Step 2 –place the earrings in the bowl and allow them to sit there for at least 5 minutes. 
  • Step 3 – using your brush, gently scrub the earrings removing all the dirt possible going over all areas even those that don’t appear dirty.
  • Step 4 – rinse the left-over soap and dirt off and dry.

How to sterilise earrings

It’s important to note that sterilising earrings is slightly different to cleaning them. You would typically sterilise earrings when you are about to use them for piercing ears with, or if you haven’t worn them for a long time and they need disinfecting.

The process of sterilising earrings at home is similar to the above process of cleaning them, but instead of using soapy water, you would want to use rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide instead in the bottom of a glass.

Next, you would then submerge the earrings you want to sterilise into the glass for around 8 – 10 minutes, which will make sure that any harmful bacteria is blitzed in that time. Then, you would be able to wipe them down with a cotton pad or a microfibre cloth, and finally, rinse thoroughly.

How to disinfect earrings inside the ear

Cleaning and disinfecting earrings is important to do, even when they’re inside the pierced holes in your ear. Once you’ve had your ears pierced, you need to keep them disinfected while they are healing to avoid infection (a sign of which can be when your earrings start to smell badly). On average, it takes about four – six weeks for a new piercing to heal, which is why it’s important that this piercing is left in place.

Before you begin, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly using soap and warm water. Next, you should use a cotton bud to dip into special ear cleaning solution, or rubbing alcohol, and apply to all skin around the earring. Also, remember to sterilise the post of the earring, too! It’s vital to keep the earring in at this point – as it will still be healing, and removing it could not only lead to infection, but it could also cause the hole to close up.

Finish by gently rotating the earring several turns each way to ensure that the earring can still move freely and to eliminate crust in the pierced hole, and repeat this process once or twice daily until it has healed.

How to keep diamond earrings clean

Cleaning can take up a lot of time so there are many ways you can store or look after your earrings to keep them clean for as long as possible:

  • Store your earrings in a clean place to ensure they do not get dirty from their surroundings. Why not keep them in the jewellery box they came in – this prevents dust from gathering and sitting on them.
  • Don’t wear your earrings when you’re doing work or chores such as the gardening or redecorating. Diamond earrings should not be worn in this sort of environment as they are more likely to not only get dirty but to get damaged as well.
  • Removing your diamond earrings before going to the salon or seeing your hairdresser is really important. Hair dye and product can really upset the look of your earrings so removing them before you go is the safest way of ensuring no damage is done. 

How often should you clean diamond earrings?

You should be cleaning your diamond earrings at home once a month to keep them looking their very best. We also recommend getting your diamonds professionally cleaned once a year. Here at Shining Diamonds, our professionals will get the grime out from those hard-to-reach crevices keeping your diamonds as pristine as the day you got them.

Need more cleaning diamond earring tips or looking for a new pair? Why not come and visit us at our Hatton Garden store or contact us and order your free samples to view from your own home.