What are lab diamonds?

What are lab diamonds?

Lab diamonds are man-made diamonds which are created in a laboratory environment, which have been designed to perfectly emulate the natural process of a diamond’s growth. As diamonds can often take as long as 3 billion years to grow naturally, this process provides the option for diamond jewellery to be created using a much faster process. 

Common lab diamonds FAQs

Are lab diamonds real diamonds?

Yes – lab grown diamonds are 100% real diamonds. Although they are created in a laboratory, they possess the same chemical, physical and visual properties that naturally mined diamonds do.

How are lab diamonds made?

Lab created diamonds are developed in high-temperature high pressure chambers, which are designed to reproduce the conditions in the Earth’s crust. The result of this forms carbon atoms arranging in the structure of a diamond crystal – which offers the same brilliance and beauty as naturally mined diamonds. This then means diamonds can be created within months, rather than billions of years.

Are lab grown diamonds ethical?

As lab grown diamonds have been aesthetically manufactured in a lab, they are entirely traceable – which means they’re likely to be relied on as an ethical alternative to naturally mined diamonds.

How to tell lab diamonds from ‘real diamonds’

There is no visible difference between lab diamonds and natural diamonds. This is because lab created diamonds are designed to be cut and polished in an identical way to earth mined diamonds – meaning that they can only be identified using highly specialised equipment which is typically only found in laboratories.

Do lab diamonds last?

Yes, as lab grown diamonds are real diamonds, they will last forever – yet they are estimated to be around 30% less expensive than natural diamonds.

What else are lab diamonds known as?

Lab grown diamonds
Lab created diamonds
Man-made diamonds
Artificially manufactured diamonds
Synthetic diamonds

Where can you buy lab created diamonds?

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