Getting the Paperwork in Order: Why Diamond Certificates Are Important

Getting the Paperwork in Order: Why Diamond Certificates Are Important

So far in our series on buying the right diamond for you we have covered the aesthetic issues such as carat weight, clarity, shape, and colour. All of these characteristics are certainly important and fun to consider when buying diamond jewellery. Less glamorous, but no less important, is the issue of the diamond certificate.

The diamond certificate is the attestation by an independent expert that the diamond is indeed what it is said to be. In other words, the certificate is issued by someone who is not trying to sell you anything. It provides validation by an objective professional that the stone weighs what it is said to weigh, its colour is the grade claimed, and its clarity is what is advertised.

Beyond giving you peace of mind, a certificate is important in determining your diamond’s market value.


There are several organizations that issue diamond certificates. Make sure you know what certificate your diamond carries and insist on certification by a recognized authority. Here are the top two:

  • GIA – A certificate issued by the Gemological Institute of America is the most respected, though also the most costly. The GIA issues several reports all based on an assessment of the 4Cs of the diamond. The GIA is known for its stringent standards.
  • IGI – The International Gemological Institute has offices all over the world and is the most popular lab for the U.S. jewellery chains. They work quickly and are less expensive than the GIA.

Most experts, including Shining Diamonds, advise the shrewd purchaser to make sure their diamond is GIA certified. The other labs, while they do issue certificates, are known for being a bit “looser” in their standards.


Often buying diamond jewellery is an emotional purchase. In the spirit of profound life events like marriage proposals or wedding anniversaries, diamond engagement ringsdiamond pendants, etc. are often choices made with the heart.

Of course the diamond should inspire passion, but you shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that it is also an investment. As such, of course you want to make sure you’re truly purchasing what you think you are.

That’s where the certificate comes in. It is your assurance that the stone is genuinely worth what you are paying for it. Unless you are a gemological expert, NEVER buy a diamond that does not have a certificate from an independent source!

Some impulse buys are perfectly fine, but diamonds are one of the few purchases that should be made with both the heart and the head.

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