Which Gemstone Suits Your Star Sign?

Which Gemstone Suits Your Star Sign?

Gemstones have been associated with star signs for many years. Ancient astrologers believed that wearing or holding the gemstone that linked to your zodiac sign would enhance your life through greater health and fortune. Not only do these gemstones carry the historic belief of healing powers and for what many believe to be lucky charms, they also make for stunning pieces of jewellery such as ringsearrings and pendants.  

What are Zodiac Birthstones?

Zodiac birthstones are precious or semi-precious gemstones that are linked to your star sign. There are often several stones that are associated with Zodiac signs, which all offer different benefits. Many believe that carrying or wearing the gemstone associated with your star sign will positively impact your life with the healing powers they possess.

What Gemstone Are You?

Capricorn – Garnet



(22nd December – 19th January)

Garnets come in various hues – such as red, orange, green and reds – making them a popular choice for buyers due to their beautiful shades suiting a range of personalities. The gem is seen to protect against certain types of depression and negative thoughts,helping those who wear it prosper and lead a more aligned lifestyle mentally, spiritually and physically.

Aquarius – Amethyst 


(20th January – 18th February)

Amethyst is known for its radiant purple colour, often associated with royalty (and wine). According to ancient Greek tales, Amethyst was worn to keep its wearer sober and away from intoxication.

Wearers believe that the gem kept them focused and their senses sharp. Amethyst is said to promote good communication for Aquarius’, enhancing their ability to work with others both personally and professionally.

Pisces – Aquamarine



(19th February – 20th March)

Aquamarine, represents the naturally soothing spirit of the ocean. Aquamarine is seen to bring intelligence to Pisces who wear the gemstone and is also thought to relieve anxiety, suppress the feelings of anger and overall make the carrier feel happier.

Aries – Diamond



(21st March – 19th April)

Diamonds are the most precious and sought after gemstones in the world. Being one of the hardest minerals on Earth – this gem gifts Aries with inner strength, bravery, balance and clarity.

Taurus – Emerald



(20th April – 20th May)

Emeralds are rich green in colour, symbolising nature, safety and freshness. Emeralds are seen to have a calming effect on its wearer, encouraging personal growth and helping to keep their life balanced.

Gemini – Pearl



Pearls are the beautiful birthstone for Gemini. The tradition of gifting jewellery with pearls dates back thousands of years ago. The luminous, iridescence of the complexion of the pearl makes it one of the most beloved of all gems.  

Cancer – Ruby



(22nd June – 22nd July)

Ruby is one of the precious gemstones and is the birthstone of Cancer. The intense red colour represents passion, love and lust and are well known for their hypnotic beauty. Rubys are seen to provide Cancer wearers with confidence to help with their apprehensive and indecisive characteristics toward security and stability.

Leo – Peridot



(23rd July – 22nd August)

The Zodiac birthstone for Leo is Peridot. The striking stone is believed to help its wearer become more powerful and influential. Making Leos gain wisdom and understanding of others around them.

Virgo – Sapphire



(23rd August – 22nd September)

Sapphire is a precious gemstone which is well desired due it its beautiful rich colour, hardness and durability. The birthstone of a Virgo is thought to make the wearer more observant which helps their quest for perfection.

Libra – Opal



Opal is the birthstone of a Libra. The beautiful gemstone displays a wide range of colour that has been described to look like a galaxy inside a single stone. The mystical stone has the ability to absorb bad energy from those around you and your own bad judgement.

Scorpio – Topaz



Scorpio’s gemstone is Topaz – a rare silicate mineral. The beautiful gemstone is seen to attract negative energies away from the Scorpio who is wearing it. Bringing them a sense of joy and inner peace.

Sagittarius – Turquoise


Sagittarius gemstone is turquoise – a beautiful blue-to-green mineral. Turquoise is seen to enhance spiritual discernment and stimulate confidence and composure.

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