Benefits of lab diamonds

Benefits of lab diamonds

Lab diamonds offer lower cost, durability, and ethical production. Browse our collection or visit our store in Hatton Gardens, London, for a firsthand look.

The benefits of lab diamonds

You might be looking for a sparkling focal point for a ring, gleaming jewels for a new pair of earrings, or even a dazzling diamond pendant to take centre stage on a necklace. However, you may have reached a fork in the road: lab diamonds or natural diamonds? Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about lab diamonds, their advantages, as well as how they differ from natural diamonds. 

What are lab diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds, also known as made-made or synthetic diamonds, are created through a complex manufacturing process that is typically carried out in a laboratory. A common misconception is that lab diamonds are fake; however, unlike cubic zirconia and moissanite, which look like diamonds but have a different composition, lab diamonds are both physically and chemically identical to a natural diamond! 

What is the difference between lab and natural diamonds?

Take, for example, a stunning Solitaire Diamond Ring, which can be filtered to include a stone weighing between 0.3 to 5 carats. This can be either a lab-grown or natural diamond; both of which can be the same carat, of comparable purity and colouration, uniformly cut, and are equally impressive in appearance. So, what exactly is the difference between the two? 

Benefits of lab diamonds 


Natural diamonds have a finite supply and are therefore generally more expensive when compared to an equivalent lab diamond, which, despite having a far greater demand than supply, is far more accessible. At Shining Diamonds, an ‘excellent’ natural 2.95 carat diamond with good specifications in terms of colour, clarity and cut can cost just under £60,000, whilst an ‘excellent’ lab 2.92 carat diamond with same specification costs just over £13,000. So, as you can see, there is a significant difference. 

Fast, sustainable creation process

Lab diamonds are created entirely in a laboratory, as opposed to natural diamonds, which are mined using a geological process to locate and extract diamonds from deep beneath the earth. The natural diamonds we see today were formed around 3 billion years ago – this was created by a perfect combination of carbon dioxide exposure to extreme pressures of 90 miles or more below ground, as well as intense temperatures of over 2000°F. 

Fortunately for diamond manufacturers, the process of creating lab diamonds is much faster and easier, while still producing diamonds that can be cut, polished, and set in beautiful jewellery. There are two common approaches: 

  • High-pressure, high-temperature – emulating the process to create a natural diamond, a small diamond seed is embedded in carbon, then subjected to extreme heat and pressure. The carbon dissolves, forms around the seed, and then cools, growing a diamond stone.  
  • Chemical vapor deposition – similarly, a diamond seed is used and placed in a heated chamber, then exposed to carbon-rich gases. The gases are ionised into plasma, which allows the carbon to cling to the seed and accumulate, eventually forming a larger diamond. 

Why you should choose lab diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are gaining popularity in the diamond industry, and it’s easy to see why with these benefits: 

  • Quality – lab diamonds can withstand daily wear, are just as durable as natural diamonds.  
  • Better value – when compared to the price of natural diamonds, you can get more, larger, and potentially higher-quality diamonds for your money, meaning you can get your dream diamond, while still having money left over for matching accessories! 
  • What’s your favourite colour? – because naturally coloured diamonds are scarce, they are extremely expensive and difficult to obtain. However, since lab diamonds are created in a controlled environment, you can find your favourite fancy coloured lab diamond at a fraction of the cost! 

When you purchase a lab grown diamond, you are also positively contributing to: 

  • Honest practices  lab diamonds are a guilt-free purchase, as they can be traced to their origin, whilst fairly treating and paying all parties in the trade. This guarantees your diamonds are produced ethically, which is in stark contrast to the atrocities of ‘blood’ or ‘conflict’ diamonds in the dark side of natural diamonds, that are used to fund corruption and military action in war-torn areas. Shining diamonds can also guarantee that any natural diamonds we sell are 100% conflict free 
  • The greenest approach – the production of lab diamonds is a more environmentally friendly and long-term sustainable solution to the manufacturing of diamonds. Lab diamond manufacturing is safer and emits fewer greenhouse gases than mining diamonds, which requires heavy machinery powered by fossil fuels to move tonnes of earth, which can also destroy or harm wildlife ecosystems. 

Browse our wide-ranging selection of lab diamonds; we have styles to suit every taste, occasion, and budget! If you are unsure about which type of diamond is best for you, or simply want more information, please contact a member of our friendly customer service team.  

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