Jewellery for your star sign

Jewellery for your star sign

For centuries, people have used gemstones to symbolise different meanings – birthstones have always conveyed different connotations, so it is often thought that wearing the right gemstone for your star sign could bring you good luck.

Celebrating birthdays, new beginnings or anniversaries with star sign jewellery can be a lovely gift both for others, and yourself. In this blog, we discuss the different jewellery that suits your zodiac sign.

January – Emerald

The birthstone for January zodiacs is both emerald and garnet – however, the most popular jewellery choice is emerald. These gemstones are thought to have a calming effect, encourage personal growth and keep life balanced. We especially love this Pear Shaped Emerald Double Halo Pendant – this elegant star sign necklace adds a touch of sophistication and a splash of colour to your jewellery collection.

February – Aquamarine

Those born in February have the beautiful aquamarine as their birthstone – this gem is thought to bring intelligence to Pisces wearers and bring feelings of calmness, while releasing any anxieties they might have. These stunning Emerald cut Aquamarine Single Halo Earrings are the perfect earrings, as they add a splash of elegance to any outfit.

March – Diamonds

Diamonds are the most precious gemstones on earth, zodiacs born in March are thought to reap the benefits of inner strength, bravery, and clarity when they wear diamonds. Here at Shining Diamonds, we have so much diamond jewellery to choose from, it’s hard to narrow it down! We especially love this Heart Shoulder Diamond Ring, and we think it’s the perfect gift that lasts a lifetime.

April – Sapphire

The sultry sapphire is the traditional birthstone for April – this gem is thought to represent truth, sincerity and intelligence. This gemstone is also known for its association with royalty and has been worn by many kings and queens. The Emerald Shape Blue Sapphire Halo Pendant is effortlessly beautiful and complements any evening look.

May – Chrysoprase

The May gemstone is a bit unusual some would say, as it is represented by chrysoprase. This unique gem is thought to bring May zodiacs peace and further highlight their beauty. This stunning Deco Round Emerald & Diamond Cluster Ring possesses the same light green hue as chrysoprase and is almost too beautiful to resist.

June – Pearl

The pearl is also referred to as the ‘jewel of the sea’ and is known for coming in different shapes and sizes. For June star signs, the pearl is meant to represent the world being their oyster and reminds them that they can truly do anything they want to.

However, the popularity of the pearl has declined in recent years, as they are seen as quite old fashioned. If you are looking for the perfect pearl alternative – the Round Designer Diamond Earrings emulates the elegance of the pearl with a dash of dazzle.

July – Ruby

Those born in July are blessed to have the gorgeous red ruby as their birthstone – the ruby is thought to represent wealth and prosperity. July zodiacs wearing a red ruby can expect good fortune! The Ruby Gemstone Single Halo Pendant is gorgeous and is truly a gift of a lifetime.

August – Peridot

For August star signs, the peridot is thought to signify good health, restful sleep and peace in relationships. What a magical gem! As peridot jewellery is very hard to find, if you are instead looking for bright peridot coloured gem, you will love our Brilliant Cut Emerald Gemstone Halo Earrings. This earring possesses all the beautiful colours of peridot, with an added ‘Je nais se quois’.

September – Sapphire

Weirdly, the sapphire is meant to bring September good luck also! For September star signs, the sapphire is meant to bring them sincerity, faithfulness and truth. Our Blue Sapphire Full Eternity Ring is perfect for every day and complements other silver jewellery you may be wearing.

October – Pink tourmaline

The Pink tourmaline is thought to represent a love of humanity, and October zodiacs can expect unconditional love and everlasting friendship when wearing pink tourmaline. We recommend our Oval Shaped Ruby Pendant which possesses all the beautiful qualities of the dazzling pink tourmaline.

November – Citrine

This radiant orange gem is thought to bring November zodiacs prosperity, joy and good energy. If you’re looking for perfect citrine coloured jewellery, you will love our morganite rings. These stunning pieces possess the same orangish tinge of the citrine.

December – Tanzanite

December zodiacs are represented by the tanzanite – this deep ocean blue crystal is not only renowned for its colour, but it also represents happiness and relief from worries. Our Oval Shaped Tanzanite Halo Pendant is a dazzling centrepiece for any jewellery collection and can be handed down for generations. Find out the birthstone for your exact star sign in our helpful blog. If you are mesmerised by any of the star sign jewellery in our guide, do not hesitate to contact us or pop into our Hatton Garden store.