Unique Diamond Tennis Bracelets that will last forever

Unique Diamond Tennis Bracelets that will last forever

"Tennis bracelets" got their name when Chris Evert lost one during a match. Our collection offers classic designs like Serena and Martina, perfect for romantic gifts.

The term “tennis bracelet” got its name when tennis champion Chris Evert lost her diamond line bracelet during 1987 U.S. Open and and she had to stop the game to find it. 

Diamond Tennis bracelets are ultimate piece of wrist jewellery that feature a symmetrical pattern of diamonds (Usually all diamonds are in same shape, size, color and clarity) and are also known as diamond line bracelets. We gathered 8 classic yet distinctive designs from our exceptionally crafted collection of diamond bracelets that are ideal as anniversary/birthday gift or for any romantic occasion.

1. Serena Classic Tennis Bracelet

Serena Classic Tennis Bracelet


This eye catching diamond tennis bracelet features single row of brilliant cut diamonds in a classic 4 prong white gold setting is minimalist yet makes a bold statement of elegance. This exceptional classic 4 prong tennis bracelet is also available in rose/yellow gold or platinum with price starting from £2749. 

2. Davenport Bezel Diamond Line Bracelet

Davenport Bezel Diamond Line Bracelet


This elegant bezel set design embellished with sparkling princess cut diamonds is available in white/rose/yellow gold or platinum. This timeless bezel set diamond tennis bracelet is handcrafted in Britain and available to customise with price from £2539.

3. Sharapova S-Link Tennis Bracelet

Sharapova S-Link Tennis Bracelet

This 18K white gold S-link diamond tennis bracelet showcases 45 brilliant cut diamonds with approx 3.00 Carat total weight and secure with a safety clasp. This exceptionally high quality S-Link diamond tennis bracelet is available to customise in range of precious metals and different diamond specifications. Price starts from £2549.

4. Martina Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Martina Diamond Tennis Bracelets

This gorgeous Martina design showcases two rows of round cut exceptional quality diamonds in 18K white gold setting. This double row diamond tennis bracelet is an ideal gift for birthday/wedding anniversaries/any romantic occasions. Price starting from £5889.

5. Bezel Round Cut Diamond Line Bracelet

Bezel Round Cut Diamond Line Bracelet

This 18K bezel set yellow gold diamond tennis bracelet, embellished with round-cut brilliant diamonds looks stunning. This Bezel Round Cut Diamond Line Bracelet will be a much-loved piece of jewellery which will be treasured for generations to come. Available to customise and make it yours with price starting from £2169.

6. Sania Princess Single Row Bracelet

Sania Princess Single Row Bracelet

This fabulous princess cut diamond line bracelet is a modern take on classic tennis bracelets. This exceptionally handcrafted 18K rose gold princess cut tennis bracelet is the ideal way to add a touch of glam to casual outfits. Available to customise with starting price from £2339.

7 . Steffi Princess Double Row Diamond Bracelet

Steffi Princess Double Row Diamond Bracelet

This breathtaking design showcases two rows of princess cut diamonds set in 18K yellow gold. This magnificent double row princess cut tennis bracelet is an ideal way to add some sparkle, wear with any outfit and you can be sure to get that extra wow. Customise this gorgeous design and make it yours. Price starting from £5289.

With their elegance and luxury look, diamond bracelets are popular choice for anniversary/birthday gifts. What do you think of diamond tennis bracelets? Which of the above design is your favourite? Let us know on facebook or in the comments below!