How to choose the right necklace length

How to choose the right necklace length

The average necklace length is usually around 45 centromeres, which equates to 18 inches. However, not everyone will suit this necklace size, especially when considering necklines, face shapes and the length of your body.

Whether you have the pendant already and you’re looking to purchase a variety of necklace chains to accompany it, or you already have a selection of necklaces of different sizes, this guide can help you choose which to wear.

Considerations when choosing the right necklace size

Neckline and your wardrobe

One of the first components to consider when choosing necklace length is the neckline of the top or dress you’d like to accessorise. If you have a low-cut neckline, having a necklace length that is too short can elongate your chest, which is likely not the desired style.

Similarly, if you wear a lot of turtle-necked tops, a choker isn’t going to complement the outfit. Instead, opt for a pendant or charm, such as our drop and cluster pendants.

Frame and body length

Your general frame, including the length of your body, will also be a contributing factor to which necklace sizes suit you best. For example, if you are petite, long, dangly necklaces are likely to hang slightly too low, whereas if you’re tall, this could complement the length of your torso.

Often, petite people tend to opt for a shorter necklace length, as this would typically suit the necklines of their clothes more, for example, a choker would be a great choice.

Face shape

Depending on the face of your shape, there will also be a number of necklace length options you should consider.

  • Heart – a choker is a great choice for people with heart-shaped faces, as it will work to smooth out the heart’s angles.
  • Round – longer necklace lengths tend to suit round-faced people, possibly with a charm or pendant. This would help to create a slimming ‘V’ shape to complement your face shape.
  • Oval – generally, people with oval-shaped faces can wear any length of necklace.

For similar help choosing which earring style you should choose for your face shape, our detailed guide has you covered.

Necklace sizes from Shining Diamonds

Here at Shining Diamonds, we provide a wide range of pendants and necklaces in a variety of sizes. Simply choose your preferred necklace style, for example, a solitaire pendant, and select the chain size you’d like from the drop down. Choose between 16 inches and 18 inches or, if you have a necklace chain already, simply select ‘no chain’.

You can also determine what style of metal you’d like for your necklace at this stage – choose from platinumyellow goldrose gold and white gold.

For more information and advice on the best necklace lengths for you, get in touch with a member of our expert team. Alternatively, come and visit us in store at our Hatton Garden showroom.