Guide to Wishbone Rings

Guide to Wishbone Rings

The wishbone ring is a stunning ring design that can be worn as a wedding ring, or bought simply as a token of love. But what is the meaning behind wishbone rings? And which way should the ‘v’ point? Read on to find the answers to all these questions from our ultimate guide to wishbone rings.


V cut-out diamond wedding ring

What is a wishbone ring?

Wishbone rings are simple and stunning with a ‘V-shape’ on the top of the band – which resembles the wishbone typically found in poultry – hence where the piece derived its name. They’re typically worn as wedding rings or given to a loved one on a special occasion. Often people have them encrusted in diamonds, similar to eternity rings, as these create a shimmering and delicate ring that catches the light every time you move your hand.

If you or your loved one prefers minimalistic designs but wants to deviate from the norm of a circular band, a wishbone wedding ring might be the perfect choice.

What does a wishbone ring mean?

A wishbone ring gets it’s meaning from its shape. Traditionally, the wishbone from a chicken or turkey is pulled by two people after a Sunday Roast or Thanksgiving meal. Once snapped, the bone should break with one smaller and one bigger section. The person who is left with the bigger piece, commonly known as the ‘lucky break’, is supposed to have good luck – and is encouraged to make a wish. If the bone split right down the middle, then both people are said to have good luck. The tradition is still very much alive in the US, where the wishbone is pulled by families across the country on Thanksgiving.

From this tradition, a wishbone ring has come to symbolise prosperity and hope. They’re often used as wedding rings to bring long lasting luck to the nuptials.

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How to wear a wishbone ring

There is no right or wrong way to wear a wishbone ring – however, unlike most rings, the wishbone ring looks different depending on whether you wear it upwards or downwards. If you are wearing a wishbone ring as a wedding band, we suggest wearing the ring with the V shape pointing towards your knuckle.

The wishbone wedding ring looks especially beautiful if you decide to wear it alongside your engagement ring – as you can wear the engagement ring above your wedding ring with the centre stone nestling in the V.

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