How to wear your tennis bracelet

How to wear your tennis bracelet

Recently purchased a tennis bracelet and wondering the best way to wear it? Or perhaps a tennis bracelet is on your wish-list – and you’re wanting to understand how best to wear this new piece of jewellery? Whatever the reason, we have you covered.

What is a tennis bracelet?

Before you decide how to wear your tennis bracelet, you might be wondering what a tennis bracelet actually is – and why it’s named that way.

A tennis bracelet is a symmetrical pattern of diamonds which is connected by a thin, metal chain. This bracelet coined its name from a public event during the 1987 US Open where Chris Evert lost her George Bedewi diamond bracelet during the middle of a match. The game was paused while she searched for the missing bracelet! Learn more on why a tennis bracelet is called a tennis bracelet from our helpful guide.

Different types of tennis bracelet

  • Bezel tennis bracelet – generally, this is the most common type of tennis bracelet that is normally associated with the term. A bezel round cut diamond line bracelet is made up of small, round diamonds scattered evenly across the bracelet – making for a luxurious piece of jewellery to catch anyone’s eye.
  • Baguette tennis bracelets – the baguette shape of this type of diamond tennis bracelet, this is a single row of diamonds which is generally square or rectangle shaped – creating an even band of diamonds to drape across your wrist.
  • Multiple row tennis bracelets – typically a thicker tennis bracelet – comprising of more than one row of diamonds – this is a great choice. One of our five row round cut diamond bracelets is perfect for someone looking for something a bit flashier with a wealth of sparkle.
  • Designer tennis bracelets – one of our personal favourites is a round cut designer halo tennis bracelet. Oozing in diamonds from top to bottom, these circular stones cover the entire bracelet – with diamonds used to encompass the main stone, too.

Wearing your tennis bracelet

When wearing your tennis bracelet, this shouldn’t be too tight – as the idea is that it should drape gracefully across your hand. However, it also shouldn’t be too loose – as this could get in the way of performing tasks or catch.

The best way to determine how to wear your tennis bracelet is if you can fit one of your fingers between the bracelet and your wrist – as this is recommended to be the perfect tightness. It’s also advised to wear your tennis bracelet on your left hand if you are right-handed, and vice versa.

How to wear a tennis bracelet with a watch

One of the most popular ways to wear a tennis bracelet is paired with a watch. The best way to wear this is by wearing the bracelet as the accessory closest to your hand, with the watch slightly further up your wrist. That way, the bracelet can drape elegantly across your hand as you perform daily tasks or move your arms.

The type of watch you pair with your tennis bracelet is entirely your choice. Some people prefer a designer watch – complementing the wealth of diamonds on the tennis bracelet, but on the other hand, a simple, plainer clock face would still provide an appealing style, and wouldn’t take away the magic of the tennis bracelet sparkle.  

Bridal tennis bracelet

Another great way to wear your tennis bracelet is as bridal jewellery. As a tennis bracelet is symmetrically beautiful with diamonds encompassed around the chain, it’s an eye-catching piece of jewellery – and one that is certainly warranted to wear for the big day. A single row tennis bracelet would be a stunning choice for a bride who wants a simple, statement piece to complement her wedding dress. You could also pair it up with our bridal set engagement rings to make sure you sparkle all over on your special day.

Add a splash of colour

Of course, you can always add a splash of colour to your tennis bracelet to give you the ultimate way to accessorise with style. We have a range of tennis bracelets which incorporate both diamonds and gemstones – such as our aquamarine and diamond halo tennis bracelet, showcasing a stunning light blue gemstone encompassed with diamonds for a sparkly finish.

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