Do you wear your engagement ring on your wedding day?

Do you wear your engagement ring on your wedding day?

In the months leading up to the big day, it’s likely you’ve worn your engagement ring every day. On that premise, it’s absolutely appropriate to continue wearing your engagement ring for the wedding, too. However, there might be some questions such as ‘how should I wear my engagement ring?’ Our comprehensive guide offers some guidance on how to wear both of your rings on the happiest day of your life.

Engagement and wedding ring etiquette

So, which finger does each ring go on during your wedding ceremony? This can cause confusion as an engagement ring is traditionally already on your designated ring finger – the fourth finger of the left hand. This leaves many wondering which finger their new ring should go on or if they should even be wearing their engagement ring to the ceremony. It’s perfectly normal, however, to wear both the engagement ring and the wedding ring during your wedding ceremony – how you wear them is up to you.

How to wear rings on your wedding day?

With the big day approaching, you may not have even considered whether you’ll be wearing your engagement ring on your wedding day until now. So how do you wear your engagement ring on your wedding day? You have a choice of three options for wedding ring/engagement ring etiquette:

  • Option 1 – no engagement ring: you can wear no engagement ring on your wedding day. That way, your finger will be ‘available’ for when the wedding ring is placed upon your finger. However, this is often not a popular choice, as it’s likely the bride will want to show off the engagement ring as much as possible on their special day. 
  • Option 2 – different hands: you can also wear your engagement ring on the right hand (or the ‘wrong’ hand). Tradition suggests that engagement rings should be worn on the left, but wearing it on the right instead during the wedding ceremony would not cause too much concern. After the ceremony has finished, you can simply swap it back over to the correct finger to join your wedding ring. 
  • Option 3 – same finger: do nothing. It’s perfectly natural and very common for the engagement ring to remain on the wedding ring finger during the ceremony. Although it’s tradition for the wedding ring to sit underneath the engagement ring, you can simply swap these over later.

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Now we’ve covered engagement ring etiquette on your wedding day, it’s time to sort out the rings. When it comes to buying your wedding ring, it’s often not as clear cut as buying engagement rings. For example, who buys the wedding rings? And how much do they cost? Find all your wedding ring queries answered in our guide on how much money you should spend on a wedding ring

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