Why choose a platinum engagement ring?

Why choose a platinum engagement ring?

When you think of engagement rings, gold or silver may come to mind – but have you ever thought about platinum? The studier and more prestigious counterpart of silver and gold, find out everything you need to know about platinum engagement rings in our guide today

What is platinum?

Platinum is a white precious metal – contrary to popular belief, platinum is not white gold, but it’s actually its own metal. Gold, on the other hand, must be mixed with other metals in order to achieve its white colour – whereas platinum does not, making it a premium pure metal.

You may be thinking, apart from being a bit more prestigious… Are there any other benefits to a platinum engagement ring? We are pleased to tell you, there are many perks! Here are just a few:

Benefits of platinum metal engagement rings

Naturally Hypoallergenic

Hypoallergenic refers to products that are relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. As gold has to be mixed with other metals to create its durability, platinum on the other hand does not, which makes it more suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Less likely to fade

Platinum is far more low maintenance than other metals – naturally, most jewellery will dull overtime, the colour can fade and even change. However, with platinum, this is less likely to occur as it is more durable than other precious metals – whereas gold and silver jewellery may need replating over time. 


Platinum is almost always more valuable than gold – this is due to its colour, durability, rarity and strength!

Some of our favourite Platinum rings

Here are just a few of our favourite platinum rings:

Round Shoulder diamond ring

AURIGA 60% Round cut Half Eternity Ring

Fashion Round cut Cocktail Diamond Ring

Browse through our extensive range of platinum diamond rings today – or, for more information, do not hesitate to contact our helpful team! Together we can find the perfect platinum engagement ring for your partner.