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A Bespoke Ring: A Truly Unique Gift For The Holidays

A Bespoke Ring: A Truly Unique Gift For The Holidays

Thinking of giving a diamond ring for the holidays? As we discussed in last week’s blog, that’s a great plan! Nothing says holiday joy better than the sparkle of a diamond. But your love is unique and you want a unique ring to reflect that. No problem! A bespoke ring will put a glow in her eye that will last long past the last of the mistletoe.


You’ve decided to make the grand romantic gesture and pop the question for the holidays! Lovely idea, you will have an engagement story to share for years. An important part of that grand gesture is a diamond engagement ring unlike anything that can be found in the shops.

You want a ring that is purely hers. The designers at Shining Diamonds are happy to work with you to develop a design that fits your vision.

But as with all custom creations, it takes time – you need to start the process now to have the perfect holiday gift on schedule!


The design portion of the bespoke process is the most important AND time consuming (but so worth it!). You should expect to take about a week for consultation. Through a series of phone calls and/or emails you and Shining Diamonds will make decisions concerning the metal to be used for the ring, the colourthe cutthe size, and the shape of the stone.

We will guide you through the process to arrive at the perfect ring for your special someone.

Once a design is chosen, you will be sent images to give you a realistic view of the design and then how that design will show in the ring itself.

All of this, along with sorting out financing, can take up to four weeks – so you see why it’s important to start now!

When the design has been finalised, the ring is sent for casting. In precious metal casting molten metal is poured into a mold to create the setting for the stone.

The stone is then set and the ring readied for delivery.

Your special ring will be delivered next day by Royal Mail Special Delivery.


Just as no two snowflakes are alike, your love is like no other


Celebrities understand the appeal of bespoke. Working with designers to create a diamond ring to match your own vision results in piece that is as special as the lady who wears it!

It was a different holiday, but when Taylor Kinney proposed to Lady Gaga on Valentine’s Day this year, he popped the question with a ring he designed featuring a heart-shaped diamond and personal touches.

When Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie decided to marry, it was a custom-designed diamond engagement ring that told the world of the decision.

Who does over-the-top romance like a celebrity? You, of course, with a bespoke diamond ring from Shining Diamonds!

So are you ready to make a one-of-a-kind statement of your love? Our designers are ready to help you create the perfect bespoke diamond ring! Contact us to begin the process!

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