Difference between moissanite and diamonds

Difference between moissanite and diamonds

Moissanite and diamond both share a very similar appearance, and, at first glance, it can be difficult to even tell the difference. However, these gemstones have a myriad of disparities – in colour, cut, brilliance and fire. In our guide, we will be discussing the various differences between diamonds and moissanites. 

What is a diamond?

Diamonds are a solid form of carbon and are well renowned for being the most durable mineral on the planet. Most diamonds are mined, however, more recently, many people have been purchasing lab diamonds – as a more cost effective and, in some instances, more ethical alternative. Naturally mined diamonds are seen as not only prestigious but also as a timely investment. 

What is a moissanite?

Moissanites are formed from pure silicon carbide and are a rare natural mineral in the ground – whereas diamonds are created from carbon. Moissanites are equally as rare as diamonds and were first discovered by Henri Moissan in 1893. Despite this, they are worth significantly less than diamonds. This is due to their various differences.

Difference between diamond and moissanite

  • Colour: whilst diamonds are rated on the GIA scale from D to J, the moissanite equivalent is a K. This is because diamonds have a significant variation in their colour. Most diamonds have a tinge of yellow or grey, whilst some can even be colourless. This is rarely the case for moissanite, which always has a colour – the bigger the moissanite cut, the easier it is to see its colour. 
  • Strength: it’s common knowledge that diamonds are one of the hardest minerals on earth, whereas moissanite ranks slightly lower in the strength department. 
  • Clarity: this determines how clear the gemstone is – with diamonds, their clarity is clearly graded by a GIA scale. However, in the case of moissanites, they are not on this scale and appear to have good clarity all the time.
  • Brilliance:  the round brilliant cut offers diamonds the greatest fire – meaning the stone will sparkle when it’s exposed to bright light. Whereas moissanites often look the best in cuts that hide colour, such as the square cut. 

Are lab diamonds the same as moissanite?

In short, no. Lab diamonds are totally different minerals, with very different looks and hardness ratings. There also tends to be a price difference between moissanite and diamonds – as lab diamonds contain the same natural properties as real diamonds.Looking to expand your collection with some stunning diamond jewellery? Browse through our collections. Visit us at our Hatton Garden store. Alternatively, contact our helpful team for more information.