10 Jeweller’s tips for looking after Diamond Jewellery

10 Jeweller’s tips for looking after Diamond Jewellery

Diamond jewellery is often given as a symbol of love, whether that be a diamond ring or a diamond pendant, and it deserves to be treated as such. Just as we nurture and tend to a relationship, we must do the same for the items that symbolise it. As jewellers, we see a number of repeated mistakes which leads to dull, uninspired jewellery. Follow our advice below to keep your diamonds shimmering for longer.

Taking care of diamond jewellery

1. Take your ring off to sleep

An engagement ring is a symbol of eternal love, but this does not mean it should be worn eternally. You should remove your ring and any other item of jewellery you wear before bed. Unpredictable sleeping positions can cause sustained pressure on the mount of your jewellery, weakening it over time and increasing the likelihood of pieces breaking.

2. Take your ring off to swim

Chlorine and saltwater residue can build up on your jewellery over time, so when you go swimming, it’s integral that your remove all your jewellery – as this sort of build-up can visibly dull your jewellery. Even those with diamond jewellery, where the stone is famously hard, will find that swimming dulls their jewellery.

3. Take your ring off to shower

It may seem obvious to you that you should take your ring off to swim, however what is less obvious is taking your ring off in the shower. Just as chlorine and salt water can build up, so can soap suds. Shampoo and conditioner can get stuck behind the mount of the ring making it very difficult to clean – and sometimes even dislodging the glue that holds the stone in place!

4. Take your diamond ring to be cleaned

It is not uncommon for us to see people come in to our Hatton Garden Jewellery shop to purchase a stunning piece and never see them again. You should return to your jewellers to have your jewellery cleaned at least twice a year. This prevents build up and keeps your jewellery in pristine condition, preserving your symbol for eternal love.

5. Wash your diamond jewellery properly

In addition to having your pieces cleaned by the jewellers, you should also be cleaning your jewellery regularly at home. Do not use diamond cleaning products with harsh, abrasive chemicals, use soap a water and a children’s toothbrush to gently remove any build up of dirt. Read more with our professional advice on cleaning your diamond jewellery from home.

6. Insure your jewellery

A piece of diamond jewellery becomes more than just another thing to wear, it symbolises a relationship. As jewellers, we often see the heart break people go through when their engagement ring is lost, stolen or damaged. Make sure you have your ring insured so you never have to experience this loss.

7. Understand the 4Cs before purchasing

One of the most common diamond buying mistakes is not understanding the 4Cs of diamond buying before purchasing – this means people spend a lot of money on getting the best cut of diamond and ignore the other 3Cs. Making sure you get the perfect balance between these is vital for long-lasting diamonds. Read more in our diamond buying guide.

8. Have heirlooms valued

Having a family heirloom valued is almost as important as keeping your brand-new piece of jewellery sparkly and dazzling. An insurance policy is vital for your engagement ring and this should be the same for your Grandma’s engagement ring sitting in the back of the cupboard. To get a ring insured, you must first have it valued by a jeweller.

9. Store your jewellery properly

Your jewellery should be stored in the correct way – keep your jewellery box in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. We also recommend finding a soft lining or keeping your jewellery in cotton of felt patches. Try to avoid storing your jewellery close together as they could knock each other and cause scratching. If you have a diamond necklace, make sure you clasp it when storing it – this reduces the likelihood of tangling.

10. Wear the correct ring size

Finally, a big mistake, that can be catastrophic, is wearing the wrong size ring. A ring too big can easily become broken or misshapen. If your ring is the wrong size, ensure you have this resized professionally. Metal ring sizers end up leaving deep scratches where they rub against the ring and can damage the metal beyond repair. If you can’t get to a jewellers, use athletic tape to secure the ring.

Have you noticed that you make some of the mistakes above? Contact us or come and visit us in store.