What is the best cut for diamond earrings

What is the best cut for diamond earrings

When choosing your next diamond earrings, you will find that you are spoilt for choice! With Shining Diamonds, you can find the perfect diamond earrings for you – not only do we have a range of styles, but you can also find the perfect diamond earrings to match your exact personal preference.

Have you ever wondered what the best cut for diamond earrings is? In our helpful guide, not only will we discuss diamond cuts, but we will also cover how to go about choosing your next pair of diamond earrings.

What to look for when choosing diamond earrings

Paying attention to the cut of your diamond earring is important, as it dictates the proportions, craftsmanship, and symmetry of the diamond – which will be taken into account when determining the price. Diamonds are also categorised by brilliance and fire: 

  • Brilliance: how the diamond reflects light.
  • Fire: the amount of coloured light that is dispersed by the diamond. 

As well as cut, it’s also important to focus on carat, colour and clarity – all which will be explored in this helpful guide.

Best cut for diamond earrings

Determining which are the best diamond earrings for you will most likely will depend on your face shape and your personal preference. However, generally, the most popular diamond cut for earrings is the princess cut. This elegant diamond can be described as a square shape with pointier edges – the pyramid design of the princess cut is thought to complement any face shape, and is seen as the perfect balance between classic and modern style. 

Another popular diamond cut is the round shape – this cut is known to reflect light beautifully and, similar to the princess cut, the round cut is versatile enough for any face shape. The round diamond cut is also praised for having excellent brilliance and fire.

There are plenty of other diamond cuts to choose from, which you might feel would suit your face shape more:

  • Cushion: this diamond cut is a combination of a square and round diamond shape, and is perfect for both formal wearing and everyday wear. 
  • Oval: known as one of the most timeless diamond shapes, an oval is ideal for any formal event you may be going to.
  • Emerald: this earring is a more elongated rectangular shape, and makes for a very sophisticated look.
  • Pear shapeis a traditional diamond cut that emulates the shape of a pear, this cut is considered both simple and classy.
  • Marquise: known as one of our more unique diamond cuts, the marquise is perfect for those who would like to stand out from the crowd.
  • Heart: this diamond cut is perfect for those who want to add a romantic piece to their earring collection.

How to choose your diamond earrings

When choosing your next pair of diamond earrings, there are many other features to consider: 

  • Earring style: as there are many styles to choose from, the style of the earring is fundamental as essentially it can transform your look. You may wish to purchase the timeless elegance of halo earrings, or if you are looking for something more glitzy – then you could opt for hoop earrings
  • Type of metal: the type of metal you choose is equally as important as the cut and style of the earrings – you can browse through a range of options such as gold, white goldrose gold, and platinum

The Four C’s

  • Cut: the cut you choose is very important as this will affect the type of sparkle your earrings give off.
  • Caratthe weight of the diamond measured by carat – 1 carat is equal to 0.2gm, however, carat is mainly dependant on the cut.
  • Colour: white diamonds are colourless and are the most popular on the market today. Although, you can also choose from a range of diamond colours, including pink, yellow and blue. 
  • Clarity: this refers to the clearness of the stone, whilst some people think a low clarity is an imperfection – clarity is what makes your diamond more unique from all the rest. 

All this earring talk may inspire you to add to your own jewellery collection. So, why not browse our stunning array of diamond earrings? Have a look through our range of styles to find hoops, halo earrings, designer earrings, gemstones and many more. Or, if you simply can’t make your mind up, then do not hesitate to get in touch with our helpful team, or visit our Hatton Garden showroom to view our diamond earrings in person.